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World of Warcraft 2011 Dungeon Deck Raid Box
  • World of Warcraft 2011 Dungeon Deck Raid Box
  • World of Warcraft 2011 Dungeon Deck Raid Box
  • World of Warcraft 2011 Dungeon Deck Raid Box

World of Warcraft 2011 Dungeon Deck Raid Box

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  • World of Warcraft 2011 Dungeon Deck Raid Box

    The Dungeons are designed for a team of three friends. The Dungeons are designed to go up against three Class Starter decks-making it a perfect product for new players. At the same time, the Dungeons are designed to be a customizable play experience with a high variance of difficulty levels-giving them a ton of replayability and ALSO making it a great product for expert players.

    Because it's an entirely cooperative product, three players versus the dungeon deck, it is also perfect for a play group that contains some beginners and some advanced players.

    One game is about 30 minutes.


    o They are an extremely iconic part of the MMO (Practically every WoW player knows Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and Scarlet Monastery).

    o They allow for a fun experience that is a very unique twist on typical WoW TCG, but with very little complication or extra rules. Just grab three Class Starters, shuffle up the Dungeon Deck, and you're ready to go!

    o They create a cooperative experience rather than a competitive experience. Three human players versus the dungeon deck. The dungeons are designed to maximize the fun of this-certain dungeon bosses or challenges will require the players to work together in interesting ways. Also, it will often be one particular player's class deck that has the right answer to the problem, which lets you feel special for being your particular class.

    o A Unique Level up system allows you to gain experience from attempting the Dungeon, Defeating the Dungeon, defeating the individual bosses within the Dungeon Deck, and fulfilling a host of specific achievements! Then you're able to add cards from the Dungeon Treasure Packs (brand new to WoW TCG!) to your decks, allowing you to feel your deck grow in power and take on Heroic Mode if you so choose!

    o The Unique Level up system allows players to transfer their leveled characters from one Dungeon to the next, meaning if you like one Dungeon Deck, you'll probably be excited to purchase the other Dungeons!

    o It is similar to AICC, providing a robust Raid Deck with all unique cards and challenges that players have never encountered in the main WoW TCG, but because there is no player acting as the Raid Deck, and these work with Class Starters, the experience is even simpler.

    - Two Dungeon Hero cards
    - 60 Card Dungeon Deck
    - Everything you need to level up your Raiding heroes (Leveling Guide, Character Sheets).
    - One Treasure Pack

    - 3 different decks
    - 9 decks per display
    - 6 displays per case

    • Manufacturer: Cryptozoic
    • Product: World of Warcraft
    • Series: Dungeon Deck
    • UPC/Barcode: 815442011961
    • Release Date: November 15th, 2011

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