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Via Nebula (Asmodee)
  • Via Nebula (Asmodee)

Via Nebula (Asmodee)

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  • Via Nebula (Asmodee)

    Nebula valley has just emerged from an era of darkness and the people need your help to reclaim their homeland and rebuild their lives. Explore the misty meadows, unearth precious resources, and build towns and transportation atop the ruins of what the valley used to hold. Restore peace and prosperity to the towns of Nebula, and receive glory, prestige, and riches in return. The best of you will receive the gratitude of the region's people forever and a statue in their town square to show their deepest appreciation.

    Via Nebula contains:

    - One double-sided game board
    - Four double-sided guild boards
    - 41 contract cards
    - One end-of-game card
    - 24 building sites
    - 60 meadow tiles
    - 25 exploitation tokens
    - 20 wooden buildings
    - 12 wooden craftsmen
    - 90 wooden resources
    - One rulebook

    2 - 4 player(s)
    1+ hours
    Ages 12+

    A darkness has lifted from Nebula Valley, and the people need help to restore its once great society. In order to rebuild the towns, shops, and culture of this devastated region, you must be willing to venture into the unknown and brave its hidden dangers. Once the fog has cleared, compete with your friends to collect materials, construct new buildings, and return the area to its former glory. Make quick work of the restoration and the hopeful people of Nebula will reward you with power, glory, and riches.

    In Via Nebula, a new board game from Space Cowboys, two to four players compete to assist the people of Nebula by fulfilling contracts. First, you must gain access to the resources each contract requires, then you will need to clear a path through the mists in order to transport your resources. Finally, once all the necessary compnents have reached a building site, you can erect the building, take special actions, and move on to other contracts. However, no investment is certain, as each player is competing for the same spread of contracts, and the citizens are only concerned with who can complete their construction the fastest...

    Rebuilding Nebula Valley

    Nebula's people have few resources with which to rebuild their homes, but the land is rich with food and building materials. Each turn, you have two actions with which to exploit resources, explore the meadow, transport goods, or develop the land. To begin this adventure, you may send a craftsman to the site of an exploitation token, earning you victory points and adding new resources to the board. Any player may access those resources though, and each resource is only claimed once it has been moved to a building site. Moving resources across the board requires a clear path, which you must forge by exploring fog spaces and petrified forests.

    Before you can complete a contract and construct a building, you must place a building site upon one of the many ancient ruins of Nebula Valley. If the building site is placed and the path is clear, you may begin to transport the resources necessary to construct. Once the necessary resources are present at your building site, you can erect a building, fulfill a contract, and take advantage of any special card powers available to you. Be careful to construct your buildings efficiently, though, as each extra resource will count against you when the game ends, and every player has their own agenda.

    Society Reborn

    The first player to erect all five of their buildings will receive the end-of-game card, triggering a final turn for all. Points are then calculated for resources exploited, contracts fulfilled, explorers revealed, and unused resources. The player with the highest number of victory points wins the game, and becomes the revered hero of Nebula Valley!

    A strategic game of exploring, collecting, and building, Via Nebula is an ever-changing opportunity to fight for greatness. Make decisions about where to build, what to explore, and which resources to claim, while following your opponents' movements so the contract for your fully-stocked building site isn't grabbed from right under your nose.

    • Manufacturer: Asmodee
    • Product: Via Nebula
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 3558380036371
    • Release Date: August 4th, 2016

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