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Decipher Lord of the Rings Reflections Booster Box

Decipher Lord of the Rings Reflections Booster Box

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  • Decipher Lord of the Rings Reflections Booster Box

    24 Packs per Box, 18 Cards per Packs (2 Random Foils + 16 Cards from Previously Issued Sets)

    52 Cards
    48 New Rare (R/R+) Foils
    4 Foil Reprints of Countdown Collection Preview "Book Cards"

    LOTR Reflections allows players to play out scenarios in the Lord of the Rings universe that may or may not have occured in the films.
    Reflections also features popular characters such as Tom
    Bombadil who did not apprear in the films.

    What if Galadriel had accepted the One Ring from Frodo and carried it to Mount Doom? What if Elrond had chosen a fellowship of Gondor Men to carry the burden? Choices like these are about to become part of The Lord of the Rings TCG.

    Reflections features 48 brand-new foil cards including new Rings of Power, new Palantiri, and "alternate Ring-bearers," plus foil reprints of the four preview "book cards" from the Countdown Collection. 26 cards are rare (R), while the other 26 (including the four book cards) are designated "R+". On average, approximately 10 of the 48 foils in each box (24 packs) will be R+, the rest R.

    Each 18-card expansion pack will contain two of the 52 foil cards (randomly selected), plus a mix of 16 cards from the six sets of the Fellowship and Tower blocks, including a sprinkling of international language versions.

    • Manufacturer: Decipher
    • Product: Lord of the Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 045748106263
    • Release Date: October 1st, 2007

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