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Chimera Station (Tasty Minstrel Games)

Chimera Station (Tasty Minstrel Games)

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  • Chimera Station (Tasty Minstrel Games)

    It doesn`t take brains for workers in the intergalactic commerce hub Chimera Station to perform their tasks - but, we`ll splice `em with additional ones, plus claws, tentacles, and other parts to give them an edge over your rivals! Collect resources and build modules to open new strategic and tactical opportunities to get a leg above the competition to construct and take command of Chimera Station!

    Chimera Station is a worker-placement game in which you splice claws, tentacles, brains, and plants onto your workers! Customize your work force to gain abilities you'll need to outperform the competition. Genetically modify your workers for a unique worker-placement gaming experience.

    • Manufacturer: Tasty Minstrel Games
    • Product: Board Game
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 9781938146657
    • Release Date: November 1st, 2017

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