Video Games – What’s Old is Now New Again

When getting into collecting video games everyone starts off with the same question, what do I start collecting first? Some collectors will start with what they grew up playing or their favorite system overall. While others might start with the smallest and easiest collection to obtain. Whatever your preference is most collectors have one thing in common, getting the games they are looking for at the best possible value around.

One of the most common systems to start collecting is the Nintendo NES but unfortunately it is also one of the most expensive and difficult libraries to collect. Every console has video games that are rare and valued over hundreds of dollars but the Nintendo NES has between 20-30 games over the $100.00 mark currently, some costing thousands of dollars. With over 750 different games in total it could take a lifetime to try and fill a complete collection. Other collectors have focused on some of the smaller video game libraries to complete first before moving on to another one. For instance there were only 14 games released in the US for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. But just because there was a small amount of games, it does not mean they are cheap and easy to find. Because of the poor sales of the system Nintendo quickly pulled the plug on the virtual reality system and discontinued games. Games like Waterworld and Tetris 3D are still over $150.00 if you want them boxed.

In video games the saying โ€œout with the old and in with the newโ€ happens about every 4-7 years. That is when Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft release their new systems along with the new crop of games to push the limits of the home consoles. In recent years each company has added more to the home consoles setting each other apart such as motion controls, virtual reality and portable gaming. When a new system comes out the old systems either become hand me downs, put away in storage, get sold at garage sales, or traded in to video game stores. When this happens the average price per game tends to drop because it is easier to obtain the games and consoles. This is currently happening with the Nintendo Wii U.

When this happens to video games and consoles they get lost for years. The games continue to drop until they hit bottom market value. This does not mean that these games are forever not valuable and will never be collectible again. This is where the saying โ€œwhats old is new againโ€ because a new crop of collectors will want to get what they grew up playing. Right now some examples of consoles that are in this area now is Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Both of these systems are on the downward spiral with two of the cheaper systems to collect at the moment are their predecessors Xbox and PlayStation 2. On the opposite end the Nintendo Gamecube which was in competition with the Xbox and PS2 is one of the hottest systems to currently collect.

This trend of the market isnโ€™t always so cut and dry but almost every system has fallen into this. Gamers and collectors alike will like to collect games they had from their childhood and some of their favorites. If you are just getting into collecting, right now is the time to buy Xbox, 360, PS2 & PS3. Right now they are all inexpensive and easy to find while most cartridge games are still going up in value.ย  Even a year ago Nintendo Gamecube was easy to find but since has because scarce, and if the trend continues Xbox and PS2 might not be easy to find much longer.

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