Top 5 Hottest Sports Card Boxes 6/11/08

1. 2008 UD SP Legendary Cuts Baseball

SP Legendary Cuts Baseball

Without a doubt one of the hottest releases of the year so far and it only hit the streets today. With 3 cut signature cards per case collectors are trying to lock in on as many as they can.

2. 2008 Donruss Elite Football

Donruss/Playoff follows up Prestige with another strong product. The highly popular product released this week and if early sales are any indication this product is in for a strong run. Darren McFadden is really scorching right now.

3. 2008 Just Minors Mystery Jersey Baseball

Just Minors Mystery Jersey Baseball

Mystery Jersey Baseball remains an extremely tough box to find. Just Minors did it right this time with the auto jerseys.

4. 2008 Sage Autographed Football

With an autograph or game-used jersey card per pack 2008 Sage Autograph collectors are trying to get as many of the top rookies as they can.

5. 2008 Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball

Upper Deck Series 2 Baseball Hobby Box

This product remains hot – one of the reasons is that collectors are looking for the card featuring Cubs star rookie Kosuke Fukudome, in both English and the ultra short-printed Japanese version!

What products are in your top 5? (Just use the comment link near the top of the post if would like to share your thoughts).

(Please note: The Top 5 is purely an opinion of a Dave and Adam’s employee. This is based on sales, feedback from collectors, and market trends.)

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