Notes From The DACW Live Lounge!

We wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that we offer personal breaks on most products that you can find on our website. That’s right, we can pretty much break anything that is in our warehouse and available for sale on the website. Simply look for the “Break Live” button that will be next to the “Add to cart” option (See below for examples). We can work with you to set up a time to break your order or we can always break it, record it, and send you a link to the video to watch at your convenience.  

If you are looking on the site and see something you want opened live but it does not have a break live button, simply email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to let you know if it is something we can break live. Then, at checkout in the notes field we ask that you would write: “Break Live.” This lets customer service know that it is going to be a Live Breaks Order .

We all know that things come up…work, kids schedules, things around the house, etc, etc…so if you aren’t able to watch the break live don’t worry about it! We have all our breaks available on our YouTube page, for you to watch whenever is convenient for you.

And now this…………………………..


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