Collectors Love Vintage!

At Dave and Adam’s, I oversee all pre-2005 products – wax cases, boxes, and packs, complete and factory sets, all sports and non-sports items, and vintage graded and ungraded singles. Even though the world financial markets are going through some tough times, the one constant in our great industry are vintage graded singles. We just can’t keep them in stock!

If you collect vintage singles, we thank you for the support and hope to continue offering quality cards at reasonable prices. If you have any vintage singles that you are looking to sell or even trade for something you really want, please reach out to us and let’s see if we can work something out! We are aggressively buying and trading for the following:

Pre-1970 graded singles in any condition, all sports

Pre-1970 ungraded singles in any condition, all sports

Pre-1970 hand collated sets in any condition, all sports

Pre-1985 hand collated sets in NM-MT condition, all sports

E-mail our vintage specialist Bob Snyder at [email protected] or call him directly at (888) 440-9787 ext.100. Bob has twenty years of experience in vintage cards and is looking forward to making you an offer for your cards!

Reed Kasaoka

Director of Purchasing

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