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2017 Onyx Icons Baseball Hobby Box
  • 2017 Onyx Icons Baseball Hobby Box
  • 2017 Onyx Icons Baseball Hobby Box

2017 Onyx Icons Baseball Hobby Box

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  • 2017 Onyx Icons Baseball Hobby Box

    Find One Vintage Graded Card PER CASE!

    Each Box contains One Autographed Baseball

    Onyx kicks off 2017 with the Icons Baseball Collection. This year's collection is full of iconic Baseball Stars and Legends with an added twist which will brighten any collectors day. We've sweetened the pot with Vintage Graded Card case hits of vintage superstars of days gone by, such as a 1934 Goudey Lou Gehrig or 1966 Topps Mickey Mantle.

    This year's autographed baseball checklist is compiled from the game's most storied Hall of Famers including Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax too name a few. The production run is limited to 50 cases. Each case comes with 12 signed balls, each in a keep sake custom made box - Security Sealed and is accompanied by an Onyx Certificate of Authenticity.


    Palmer, Jim
    Doerr, Bobby
    Ford, Whitey
    Irvin, Monte
    Mantle, Mickey
    Kell, George
    Schoendienst, Red
    Williams, Billy
    Bench, Johnny
    Kiner, Ralph
    Williams, Ted
    Perry, Gaylord
    Mays, Willie
    Fingers, Rollie
    Cepeda, Orlando
    Jenkins, Fergie
    Sutton, Don
    Sandberg, Ryne
    Boggs, Wade
    DiMaggio, Joe
    Koufax, Sandy
    Perez, Tony
    Gossage, Goose
    Feller, Bob
    Musial, Stan
    Berra, Yogi
    Bunning, Jim
    Banks, Ernie
    Carlton, Steve
    Dawson, Andre
    Griffey Jr, Ken
    Gibson, Bob
    Robinson, Frank
    Ryan, Nolan
    Aaron, Hank
    Kaline, Al
    Winfield, Dave
    Yastrzemski, Carl
    Carter, Gary
    Morgan, Joe
    Ripken Jr, Cal
    Marichal, Juan
    Snider, Duke
    Brock, Lou
    Seaver, Tom
    Gwynn, Tony
    Niekro, Phil
    Jackson, Reggie
    Hunter, Catfish
    Thomas, Frank
    Killebrew, Harmon
    Yount, Robin
    Henderson, Rickey
    Sutter, Bruce
    Brett, George
    Smith, Ozzie
    Aparicio, Luis
    Rice, Jim

    Vintage Graded card checklist:

    Lou Gehrig 1934 Goudey SGC
    Jackie Robinson 1955 Topps SGC
    Warren Spahn 1952 Bowman PSA
    Tris Speaker 1911 T205 SGC
    Joe DiMaggio 1941 Playball SGC
    Whitey Ford 1951 Bowman SGC
    Ted Williams 1955 Topps PSA
    Jimmy Foxx 1933 Goudey SGC
    Ted Williams 1941 Playball SGC
    Stan Musial 1953 Bowman PSA
    Johnny Bench 1968 Topps SGC
    Willie Mays 1954 Bowman PSA
    Steve Carlton 1965 Topps SGC
    Al Kaline 1955 Topps PSA
    Ralph Kiner 1948 Leaf SGC
    Gaylord Perry 1962 Topps PSA
    Mickey Mantle 1966 Topps PSA
    Duke Snider 1950 Bowman SGC
    Sandy Koufax 1959 Topps PSA
    Pee Wee Reese 1952 Bowman PSA
    Tony Perez 1965 Topps PSA
    Nolan Ryan 1968 Topps PSA
    Rollie Fingers 1969 Topps PSA
    Willie Mays 1964 Topps PSA
    Hank Aaron 1958 Topps PSA
    Steve Carlton 1968 Topps PSA
    Ted Williams 1950 Bowman SGC
    Ernie Banks 1956 Topps SGC
    Willie McCovey 1960 Topps PSA
    Yogi Berra 1952 Bowman PSA
    Harmon Killebrew 1955 Topps SGC
    Stan Musial 1962 Topps PSA
    Carl Yastrzemski 1960 Topps PSA
    Hank Aaron 1956 Topps PSA
    Mickey Mantle 1966 Topps SGC
    Sandy Koufax 1956 Topps SGC
    Bob Feller 1952 Bowman SGC
    Nolan Ryan 1969 Topps PSA
    Tom Seaver 1968 Topps PSA
    Roy Campanella 1952 Bowman SGC
    George Kell 1952 Topps SGC
    Reggie Jackson 1969 Topps SGC
    Bob Feller 1952 Topps PSA
    Bob Gibson 1963 Topps SGC
    Stan Musial 1952 Bowman SGC
    Yogi Berra 1951 Bowman PSA
    Frank Robinson 1957 Topps PSA
    Hank Aaron 1955 Topps PSA
    Carl Hubbell 1939 Playball PSA
    Al Kaline 1956 Topps PSA

    12 Boxe Per Case

    • Manufacturer: Onyx
    • Product: Icons
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: January 18th, 2017

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