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2016 Panini Impeccable Football 3-Box Hobby Case- DACW Live 15 Spot Draft Break #2

2016 Panini Impeccable Football 3-Box Hobby Case- DACW Live 15 Spot Draft Break #2

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Product Highlights

  • Break is scheduled for 10/19/2016 at 6pm EST
  • Five Autographs Per Box!
  • One Parallel #'d to 25 or less Per Box
  • LIVE DRAFT Break. Please email selections to:
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We Break It Live Your box or case is opened live for you from the DACW Live Card Lounge and broadcast to a worldwide audience.

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Item Description
Item Details
  • 2016 Panini Impeccable Football 3-Box Hobby Case- DACW Live 15 Spot Draft Break #2

    After we open the boxes we will send an email to everyone in the break with a break down of the items, the date of the draft and the video. You do not have to be present for the break or the draft. If you can not be live for the draft you can email us back of the order you would want the items picked for you.

    Find One Silver or Gold NFL Logo Card PER CASE!

    Each Impeccable Box contains Five Autographs, One Parallel #'d to 25 or less, and Two Base Cards #'d to 75!

    Five autographs per box! Look for Elegance Rookie Helmet and Patch Autographs, which features two swatches from the top 2016 NFL Rookies!

    Set features a diverse autograph checklist of past, present and future stars with several on-card autograph inserts that focus on retired and Hall of Fame players!

    All cards are sequentially numbered to 99 or less!

    Look for Silver NFL Logo cards, which feature 1 oz of precious metal in every card, and gold NFL logo cards, which feature 14K gold. One per case!

    Look for Inkpeccable multi-signed cards, featuring dual, trio and quad autographs!


    BASE: 100-card base set features current and retired NFL Stars on canvas stock. All base cards
    are #'d to just 75.

    ROOKIES AUTOGRAPHS: 50-card set features top Rookies from the 2016 NFL Draft. All cards are #'d/99.

    ELEGANCE VETERAN PATCH AUTOGRAPHS: Look for this on-card insert with cards #'d as low as 5!
    All cards feature prime jersey swatches!

    ELEGANCE ROOKIE HELMET PATCH AUTOS: This 1/1 parallel to Elegance Rookie Helmet and Patch
    Autographs is a great on-card chase element for all collectors! Also look for Elegance Rookie Helmet and
    Nameplate Autographs (#'d/15)!

    IMPECCABLE JERSEY NUMBERS AUTOGRAPHS: All cards are numbered to these past and present NFL stars jersey numbers and feature on-card autographs!

    IMPECCABLE CUTS: Max #'d to 5 this cut signature insert includes all-time NFL legends!

    INDELIBLE INK: This on-card autograph set is max #'d to 99 with Gold, Platinum and printing plate parallels.

    INKPECCABLE DUALS: Max #'d to 25 with Dual, Trio, and Quad versions!

    SILVER NFL LOGO: Look for these pure Silver NFL Logo cards #'d/15 or less! Also, look for rare 14K gold versions!

    3 Boxes Per Case, 1 Pack Per Box, 8 Cards Per Pack

    • Manufacturer: Panini
    • Product: Unparalleled
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: October 19th, 2016

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