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2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack

2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack

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Product Highlights

  • 9 Cards Per Pack
  • Find (1) Autograph or Relic Per Box!
  • (1) 1963 Mint Card w/Coin per case
  • Base Set of 500 Cards (75 Short Prints)
  • Find Heritage Chrome & Black Border Parallel Cards
  • More Details...
Item Description
Item Details
  • 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pack

    Each pack contains nine (9) 2012 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards. A Checklist Card will be inserted into every 8th Pack as an additional Card.

    The product that set collectors, traditionalists, autograph hounds, and baseball fans alike look forward to every year is back, this time celebrating the colorful, vibrant 1963 Topps set! All the stars of today are featured on a classic design of yesteryear in a product that every year celebrates the past, present, and future of Baseball all in one!



    Regular Cards: 500 cards in the classic 1963 Topps design, featuring all the biggest Veterans and Rookies, plus League Leaders, World Series Highlights, Rookie Stars cards, team cards, combo cards, and Managers. The last 75 cards are shortprinted and Inserted
    1:3 packs.


    New Age Performers: 15 stars of today who are setting the new standard. Inserted 1:15 packs.

    Then and Now: 10 cards comparing the statistical performances of a player from 1963 and a current star. Inserted 1:15 packs.

    Baseball Flashbacks: 10 highlights from the 1963 season. Inserted 1:12 packs.

    News Flashbacks: 10 world news moments from 1963. Inserted 1:12 packs.

    Topps Stick-Ons: 46 stickers just like those produced back in 1963! Inserted 1:8 packs.

    Framed Buyback Topps Stick Ons: 100 vintage, original stick-ons will be epurchased and framed. Numbered HOBBY ONLY


    Chrome: 100 cards from the base set in Chrome technology. Sequentially numbered to 1963.

    Chrome Refractor: 100 cards from the base set in Chrome Refractor technology. Sequentially numbered to 563.

    Black Bordered Chrome Refractor: 100 cards from the base set in Chrome Refractor technology with black borders. Sequentially
    numbered to 63.


    Real One Autographs: 40 subjects! Players that appeared for the last time on a Topps card in 1963 will sign a reproduction of that card, as well as superstars from 1963 and active favorites! All on-card!

    Real One Special Edition: The same players as above will sign 63 cards in red. On-card! Hand-numbered to 63.

    Real One Dual Autographs: 10 cards signed by both a retired and active player. On-card! Handnumbered to 25. HOBBY ONLY

    Flashback Autographs: 5 retired subjects will sign 25 cards on-card featuring a highlight from their 1963 season. Hand-numbered to 25.

    1963 Cut Signatures: 10 cards featuring signatures from stars of 1963, including Mickey Mantle. All 1/1.


    Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics: 10 cards featuring an on-card autograph and game-used memorabilia. Both active and retired players are featured. Hand-numbered to 25.

    Flashback Autograph Relics: 5 retired subjects will sign 25 cards on-card featuring a highlight from their 1963 season and a relic from the stadium in which it occurred. Hand-numbered to 25.

    Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics: 5 cards featuring a retired star and an active player with a game-used relic piece and an on-card autograph from both. Hand-numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY


    Clubhouse Collection: Over 50 active players will be featured with a game-used piece of memorabilia.

    Clubhouse Collection Dual Relic: 5 cards featuring a game-used relic piece from both an active player and a retired star. Hand-numbered to 63.

    Flashback Stadium Relics: 10 cards featuring a retired subject, his highlight from the 1963 season, and a relic from the stadium in which it occurred.

    '63Mint: 20 cards featuring an event from 1963 along with a coin minted in that year. The denomination of the coin is determined by the type of event. All of the below will be included. HOBBY ONLY 1 per case.

    Half-Dollar: Hall of Fame induction.
    Quarter: Baseball event.
    Dime: Non-baseball event.
    Nickel: Rookie year.
    Penny: Player birthday.

    The JFK Story'63 Mint: A special '63 Mint card celebrating the legacy of one of America's most beloved Presidents. One
    card will be available for each year the JFK half dollar has been in circulation. Numbered to 48. HOBBY ONLY

    The JFK Story Stamp Collection: 7 special stamp cards, each featuring a moment from the life of JFK and a US Postage
    stamp honoring the President. Numbered to 63. HOBBY ONLY


    Advertising Panels: Special 3-card panels just like those used to advertise Topps product in 1963. 1:2 boxes. HOBBY ONLY

    1963 Topps Originals: Original 1963 cards are repurchased, foil-stamped, and inserted in boxes. Every card from the 1963 set is included! 1:2 boxes. HOBBY ONLY

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Heritage
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 041116029639
    • Release Date: March 14th, 2012

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