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2012 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Pack

2012 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Pack
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Product Highlights

  • 32 Cards Per Pack
  • (3) Autograph Cards Per Box
  • Look for Yu Darvish & Bryce Harper Autographs
  • Refractor Parallel Sets
  • Base Set of 220 Cards including 30 Rookies!!
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Item Description
Item Details
  • 2012 Bowman Baseball Jumbo Pack

    Look for (3) Autograph Cards per box!!

    Find Exclusive Autographed Chrome Prospects Purple Refractors #'d to 10 and Exclusive Printing Plates 1 of 1!

    Find On-Card Autographs featuring Gerrit Cole (1st Pick), Danny Hultzen (2nd Pick), Anthony Rendon (6th Pick), and more!

    NEW this Year:



    Autographed Bowman Chrome Prospects (30 Sub jects): Hobby Only!

    Refractors #'d to 500
    Blue Refractors #'d to 150
    Gold Refractors #'d to 50
    Orange Refractors #'d to 25
    Purple Refractors #'d to 10 JUMBO ONLY!
    Red Refractors #'d to 5
    Super-Fractor #'d 1 of 1

    Printing Plates 1/1. Jumbo Only!

    Bowman Chrome Autographed Rookie Cards: Hobby Only!

    Refractor #'d to 500
    Blue Refractor #'d to 250
    Gold Refractor #'d to 50
    Orange Refractor #'d to 25
    Red Refractor #'d to 5
    Super-Fractor #'d 1 of 1

    Printing Plates 1/1. Jumbo Only!

    The Bowman Black Collection NEW! (25 Subjects):

    featuring Silver ink autographs. #'d to 25. Hobby Only!

    Autographed Rookie Originals NEW! (10 Subjects):

    Featuring autographed buybacks of players that never had a Bowman autographed prospect card. #'d to 25. Hobby Only!

    Aflac High School All-Amer ican Autographs NEW!

    Sequentially #'d - Additional hit! Hobby Only!

    Bowman's Best (50 Sub ject s): 1:6 Packs!

    Die-Cut Refractor #'d to 99.
    Die-Cut X-Fractor #'d to 25.
    Die-Cut Atomic Refractor #'d 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

    Bowman SILVER ICE (330 Sub ject s): 1:24 Packs!

    Red Ice #'d to 25 HOBBY ONLY!

    Printing Plates (490 Subjects): Hobby Only!

    Bowman Chrome Prospects (110 Subjects): BCP1 - BCP110: 2 per pack!

    Refractor Parallel #'d to 500
    Blue Refractor Parallel #'d to 250
    Gold Refractor Parallel #'d to 50
    Orange Refractor Parallel #'d to 25
    Red Refractor Parallel #'d to 5. HOBBY ONLY!
    Super-Fractor Parallel #'d 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

    Prospects (110 Subjects): 2 per pack!

    International Parallel Feat. the flag of where the subject was born. 1:8 NEW!
    Blue-Bordered Parallel #'d to 500
    Orange-Bordered Parallel #'d to 250
    Red 1-of-1 Parallel #'d 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

    BASE CARDS 220:

    190 veterans and 30 Top Rookies


    International Parallel Featuring the flag of the player's home country. 1:8 NEW!
    Gold-Bordered 1 per pack
    Blue-Bordered #'d to 500
    Orange-Bordered #'d to 250
    Red-Bordered #'d 1/1. HOBBY ONLY!

    Each pack contains sixteen (16) 2012 Bowman Baseball Cards; eight (8) Prospects; six (6) Bowman Chrome Prospects; one (1) Base Gold Parallel Card; and one (1) Bowman's Best Baseball.

    • Manufacturer: Bowman
    • Product: Base Set
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 041116023095
    • Release Date: May 9th, 2011

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