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Magic the Gathering World Championship Deck Box (2000)

Magic the Gathering World Championship Deck Box (2000)

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Item Description
Item Details
  • Magic the Gathering World Championship Deck Box (2000)

    Each of the 4 decks contains a 60 card constructed deck, a 15 card sideboard, 12 blank "proxy" cards, and 3 information cards about the deck. The 2000 World Championships featured constructed decks including cards from Classic Sixth Edition, The Urza's Saga Block and the Mercadian Masques Block

    12 Decks per box

    Janosch Kuhn

    10 Forest 6E/US/MM
    4 Mountain 6E/US/MM
    2 Dust Bowl MM
    4 Karplusan Forest 6E
    4 Rishadan Port MM
    4 Avalanche Riders UL
    4 Birds of Paradise 6E
    4 Llanowar Elves 6E
    4 Blastoderm NM
    2 Masticore UD
    2 Priest of Titania US
    4 Arc Lightning US
    1 Creeping Mold 6E
    1 Phyrexian Processor US
    4 Plow Under UD
    2 Saproling Burst NM
    4 Stone Rain 6E
    4 Boil 6E
    1 Creeping Mold 6E
    2 Flameshot PR
    1 Masticore UD
    1 Phyrexian Processor US
    2 Rack and Ruin UL
    1 Splinter UD
    3 Uktabi Orangutan 6E

    Jon Finkel

    9 Island 6E/US/MM
    4 Crystal Vein 6E
    4 Rishadan Port MM
    4 Saprazzan Skerry MM
    4 Masticore UD
    4 Metalworker UD
    1 Phyrexian Colossus US
    4 Brainstorm MM
    1 Crumbling Sanctuary MM
    4 Grim Monolith UL
    1 Mishra's Helix US
    4 Phyrexian Processor US
    4 Tangle Wire NM
    4 Thran Dynamo UD
    4 Tinker UL
    4 Voltaic Key US
    4 Annul US
    4 Chill 6E
    4 Miscalculation UL
    1 Mishra's Helix US
    2 Rising Waters NM

    Nicolas Labarre

    8 Forest 6E/US/MM
    4 Brushland 6E
    3 City of Brass 6E
    2 High Market MM
    2 Phyrexian Tower US
    2 Thran Quarry US
    4 Academy Rector UD
    4 Birds of Paradise 6E
    4 Llanowar Elves 6E
    4 Priest of Titania US
    1 Serra Avatar US
    4 Ashnod's Alter 6E
    1 Confiscate US
    4 Enlightened Tutor 6E
    4 Fecundity US
    1 Pattern of Rebirth UD
    4 Saproling Cluster NM
    1 Snake Basket 6E
    1 Whetstone US
    1 Yawgmoth's Bargain UD
    1 Yawgmoth's Will US
    1 Absolute Law US
    3 Armageddon 6E
    1 Aura Fracture PR
    1 Blaze 6E
    1 Defense Grid UL
    1 Energy Flux MM
    1 Heart of Ramos MM
    1 Light of Day 6E
    1 Meekstone 6E
    1 Parallax Wave NM
    1 Phyrexian Processor US
    1 Seal of Cleansing NM
    1 Worship US

    Tom van de Logt

    9 Island 6E/US/MM
    8 Plains 6E/US/MM
    4 Adakar Wastes 6E
    4 Rishadan Port MM
    4 Attunement US
    3 Counterspell 6E
    1 Energy Field US
    3 Enlightened Tutor 6E
    4 Frantic Search UL
    1 Mystical Tutor 6E
    4 Opalescence UD
    3 Parallax Tide NM
    4 Parallax Wave NM
    4 Replenish UD
    1 Seal of Cleansing NM
    1 Seal of Removal NM
    1 Sky Diamond 6E
    1 Wrath of God 6E
    1 Chill 6E
    1 Circle of Protection: Black 6E
    1 Cursed Totem 6E
    2 Daze NM
    3 Erase UL
    2 Lilting Refrain US
    1 Seal of Cleansing NM
    2 Submerge NM
    2 Wrath of God 6E

    fetch Fecundity, Saproling Cluster, and Ashnod's Alter so he could generate unlimited mana. With this mana Labarre used Blaze or Whetstone to plow right over his opponents.
    Janosch Kuhn - red-green deck used Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves to build up mana early in the game.
    Kuhn then delivered the finishing punch with mana-denial cards, such as Stone Rain and Plow Under.
    Tom van de Logt - Replenish deck uses cards like Attunement and Frantic Search to put powerful enchantments into the graveyard. Then he used Replenish to put all of the enchantments back into play at once and pound his opponents.

    The cards in this box have gold borders and different backs than normal Magic: The Gathering cards, indicating that they are not tournament legal.

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 742818061896
    • Release Date: November 1st, 2000

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