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Magic the Gathering Shadowmoor Precon Turnabout Theme Deck

Magic the Gathering Shadowmoor Precon Turnabout Theme Deck

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  • Magic the Gathering Shadowmoor Precon Turnabout Theme Deck

    Normally, tapping your creatures leaves you defenseless. With the "Turnabout" deck, having a bunch of tapped creatures leaves you primed to strike! Safehold Sentry, Pale Wayfarer, and any creature equipped by Umbral Mantle have Untap abilities that let them untap to provide an awesome bonus! Devoted Druid and Barrenton Medic can also untap at a moment's notice.

    Take advantage of all your extra untaps not just by being ready to block, but also by playing spells with conspire, by using Revelsong Horn to pump up a creature, and by enchanting a creature with Presence of Gond to quickly create an army of Elves. Use your tapping and untapping tricks to support a swarming, opportunistic fighting force, and you'll run circles around your opponent!

    11 Forest
    12 Plains
    1 Sapseep Forest
    1 Barrenton Medic
    2 Devoted Druid
    2 Drove of Elves
    1 Elvish Hexhunter
    2 Old Ghastbark
    2 Pale Wayfarer
    2 Pili-Pala
    1 Resplendent Mentor
    1 Rhys the Redeemed
    2 Safehold Duo
    3 Safehold Sentry
    1 Seedcradle Witch
    1 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
    1 Wilt-Leaf Liege
    1 Barkshell Blessing
    1 Dawnglow Infusion
    2 Gleeful Sabotage
    1 Gloomwidow's Feast
    2 Mercy Killing
    3 Presence of Gond
    1 Revelsong Horn
    1 Shield of the Oversoul
    1 Toil to Renown
    1 Umbral Mantle

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 653569285304
    • Release Date: May 2nd, 2008

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