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WizKids Mage Knight Minions 48 ct. Booster Case (#WZK206)

WizKids Mage Knight Minions 48 ct. Booster Case (#WZK206)

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  • WizKids Mage Knight Minions 48 ct. Booster Case (#WZK206)

    Key Unique Figures: Amazon Draconum, Vampiric Draconum, Galeshi Sun Prophet, Orc Slaver, Paladin Priest

    48 packs per case, 4 miniatures per pack

    Mage Knight Minions increases the challenges and action in every Mage Knight battle with the introduction of new, powerful figures and potent faction combinations! Minions not only introduces the new Xandressan seafarers, but also includes new and powerful Solonavi and Draconum figures. The Xandressan seafarers, members of a sea-going culture that possess the Aquatic special ability, are ready to trade (or raid) wherever the rivers and seas of the Land may reach. The new Solonavi Drone and Solonavi Channeler are the first non-unique Solonavi figures, allowing the creation of large Solonavi-only armies. Four of the new unique Draconum figures are counted among the Elite dual-faction figures, and are the first of their kinds in the game. Finally, Minions introduces the first non-unique figure with the Command special ability, the Brass Commander. Minions uses the same fast and fun rules so the figures are fully compatible with every other Mage Knight figure.
    The Mage Knight Unlimited Starter Set is required to play.

    4 randomly inserted, painted, plastic figures on a combat-dial base
    4 I.D. stickers

    • Manufacturer: WizKids
    • Product: Mage Knight
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: October 25th, 2004

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