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Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh 2008 Duelist Pack Collection Tin

Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh 2008 Duelist Pack Collection Tin

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  • Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh 2008 Duelist Pack Collection Tin

    5 packs per tin, 6 cards per pack

    With the great success of the Duelist Pack Collection in 2007 we are bringing back the DUELIST PACK COLLECTION 2008! This Easter Tin features Jaden, Jesse and Zane images on the embossed lid making it a very unique and a must have Tin. The Duelist pack Collections 2008 also contains a brand new BONUS card and a NEW Beginners Guide. The Duelist Pack Tins will combine the most popular characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX in a single cool looking Tin.

    * The only place you can get Jaden's newest card- "Card Excluder"
    * Collect Jaden and Jesse's hottest cards from the new season of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
    * Zane Truesdale makes an exciting return with his deadly Cyber monsters, including the exclusive-art Dark "Cyber Dragon"!
    * Kids will have a guide that will include rules/play examples, and deck ideas using cards from the Duelist Packs. It will be a great guide to teach and attract new duelists.
    * The players will receive 5 Duelist Packs, 1 NEW card plus a NEW Collectible TIN to store the cards.
    * The Duelist Pack Tin is a great Easter gift item for parents to buy for their kids.

    * 5 Duelist Packs per tin:
    * 2 Duelist Pack - Jaden Yuki 3
    * 2 Duelist Pack - Jesse Anderson
    * 1 Duelist Pack - Zane Truesdale
    * 1 Brand new ULTRA RARE Card
    * 1 Rules/Play Beginner's Guide

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product: Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 053334610049
    • Release Date: March 11th, 2008

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