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Vs System Hellboy Essential Collection Box

Vs System Hellboy Essential Collection Box

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  • Vs System Hellboy Essential Collection Box

    The Hellboy Essential Collection includes:
    - Two 60-card pre-constructed decks
    - One Foil pack (5 cards per pack), complete parallel foil set
    - Two UDECK cases, each with its own UDECK slip sheet
    - Two Vs. System Endurance Counters
    - One Lithograph by Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola

    The World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator!

    Summoned from the pits of Hell by Grigori Rasputin and the evil Thule Society, Hellboy was supposed to turn the tide of World War II for the Axis. Instead, he was rescued by Allied forces andjoined Professor Trevor Bruttenholm as a member of the BPRD - the Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense.

    Together with the other members of the BPRD -amphibian Abe Sapien, pyrokinetic Liz Sherman, and others - Hellboy fights to protect the world from Rasputin, the Thule Society, and other occult threats wherever they lurk. And now you can join their fight in this Essential Collection for the Vs. System, the most exciting TCG ever!

    The DC Comics TCG is an easy to learn, fast-paced game that provides exciting strategic gameplay while capturing the flavor of the DC Comics Universe. The Game accurately represents the super powers and histories of the DC charecters and, as a Vs. System game, is fully compatible with other Vs. System releases.

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product: Vs System
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 053334511452
    • Release Date: March 1st, 2007

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