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Upper Deck Marvel Slingers Booster Pack - Regular Price $6.95 !!!
  • Upper Deck Marvel Slingers Booster Pack - Regular Price $6.95 !!!
  • Upper Deck Marvel Slingers Booster Pack - Regular Price $6.95 !!!
  • Upper Deck Marvel Slingers Booster Pack - Regular Price $6.95 !!!

Upper Deck Marvel Slingers Booster Pack - Regular Price $6.95 !!!

$6.95 $1.95
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  • Upper Deck Marvel Slingers Booster Pack - Regular Price $6.95 !!!

    The Slingers Medallion Power Pack comes with 10 medallions on a blister card - great for merchandising on J-hooks. Each Power Pack is GUARANTEED to come with 1 X Super Rare Medallion along with 9 other medallions to be inserted at random.

    Ages 7+

    The on-line info from Upper Deck identifies four levels of "rarity": common (yellow), uncommon (blue), and rare (red) and rare (green). These colors seem to be the colors that are on the right/front edge of the medallion; however, there are some production differences and the color is not always uniform.

    1 Ant-Man
    2 Mystique
    3 Vulture
    4 Wasp
    5 Kitty Pride
    6 Pyro
    7 Sandman
    8 Gambit
    9 Nightcrawler
    10 Lizard
    11 Electro
    12 Spider Woman
    13 Beast
    14 Black Panther
    15 Iceman
    16 Owl
    17 Storm
    18 Rogue
    19 Hawkeye
    20 Scarlet Witch
    21 Falcon
    22 Ghost Rider
    23 Lady Deathstrike
    24 Black Knight
    25 Black Widow
    26 Angel
    27 Giant-Man
    28 Rhino
    29 MODOK
    30 Human Torch
    31 Sabretooth
    32 Elektra
    33 Iron Fist
    34 Luke Cage
    35 Dr. Octopus
    36 Cyclops
    37 Red Skull
    38 Nick Fury
    39 Mr. Fantastic
    40 Carnage
    41 Bullseye
    42 Kingpin
    43 Dr. Doom
    44 Emma Frost
    45 Daredevil
    46 Punisher
    47 Green Goblin
    48 Venom
    49 Loki
    50 War Machine
    51 Captain America
    52 Spider-Man
    53 Wolverine
    54 Dr. Strange
    55 Super Skrull
    56 Sub-Mariner
    57 Hercules
    58 Iron Man
    59 Sentinel
    60 Abomination
    61 Thing
    62 Professor X
    63 Magneto
    64 Thor
    65 Silver Surfer
    66 Hulk
    67 Phoenix
    68 Colossus
    69 HYDRA
    70 S.H.I.E.L.D.
    71 The Hand
    72 Kree
    73 Skrull
    74 Defenders
    75 Sinister Six
    76 Inhumans
    77 Thunderbolts
    78 New Avengers
    79 Hellfire Club
    80 Ultimates
    81 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    82 Fantastic Four
    83 X-Men
    84 Avengers

    Upper Deck and Marvel Entertainment have teamed up to bring fans an exciting new collectible game, "Slingers." The fast-paced game of skill and strategy pits two players against each other as they race to capture collectible medallions in an effort to score the most points and claim victory.

    The Slinger itself is truly innovative as players use it in a similar fashion to a yo-yo, but the Slinger has a patented retractable mechanism and an "Invisible Energy Shield" that allows players to pick up collectible medallions if they "sling" it just right. If players sling the units too softly, they won't get close enough to the medallions to pick them up. If they sling them too hard, the Slingers game units will register when it hits the ground--deducting points and potentially lives from the player. Once players master handling the Slinger, they will score big by and cash in by recovering medallions with high point totals.

    Both the Slinger and collectible medallions feature popular Marvel characters like the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk and more. The collectible medallions are seeded at different ratios within packs and have different rarity levels and point values. Additionally, there are a variety of different formats to play the Slingers game which makes it exciting for participants of all ages and skill levels.

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product: Marvel
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 053334787680
    • Release Date: December 13th, 2011

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