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Naruto Invasion Theme Deck Box (Bandai)

Naruto Invasion Theme Deck Box (Bandai)

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  • Naruto Invasion Theme Deck Box (Bandai)

    "Invasion" is the twenty-third release for the Naruto CCG and introduces over 100 new cards to the Naruto CCG.

    This set chronicles the invasion of the Leaf Village by Pain. New highly sought after cards will be Pain (Animal Path), Pain (Asura Path), Heredical Icon "Outer Path" and the Jutsu used to try and destroy the Leaf Village, Almighty Push. There will be a lot of Leaf Village Ninjas making an appearance in this set as well as the first appearance of Sakumo Hatake!

    Who will survive the "Invasion" of the Leaf Village and players will need this set to survive in Naruto CCG tournament scene.

    8 starter decks per Box

    2 50-card deck configurations
    Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha Super-Rare cards are exclusive to these theme decks and not available in booster packs;
    Each deck includes a new play mat

    • Manufacturer: Bandai
    • Product: Naruto
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 045557235635
    • Release Date: November 18th, 2011

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