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Naruto Foretold Prophecy Theme Deck Box (Bandai)

Naruto Foretold Prophecy Theme Deck Box (Bandai)

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  • Naruto Foretold Prophecy Theme Deck Box (Bandai)

    "Foretold Prophecy" is the fifteenth release for the Naruto CCG and introduces 178 new cards to the Naruto CCG.

    The Naruto "Shippuden" storyline is unfolding and Naruto and friends are going through many changes. The Naruto CCG is also going through many changes as this set introduces 2 new mechanics: Mastery and Surge. New Ninja cards such as Shion from the first Naruto "Shippuden" movie will make their debut. Also making an appearance are childhood versions of the Third and Fourth Hokages along with new Uchiha clan members!

    8 decks per box

    * 2 deck configurations
    * 1 50-card "Spiral of the Fury" theme deck based on Shippuden Naruto;
    * 1 50-card "Shadow of the Snake" theme deck based on Shippuden Sasuke;
    * Super-Rare cards are exclusive to these theme decks and not available in booster packs;
    * Each deck includes a new play mat

    The Naruto CCG is anything but a "Foretold Prophecy" and players will need to master these new cards and their effect on the Naruto CCG landscape.

    • Manufacturer: Bandai
    • Product: Naruto
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 045557235550
    • Release Date: November 19th, 2009

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