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Magic the Gathering 3rd Ed (Summer) Single Drain Life - VERY RARE

Magic the Gathering 3rd Ed (Summer) Single Drain Life - VERY RARE
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  • Magic the Gathering 3rd Ed (Summer) Single Drain Life - VERY RARE

    What is Summer Magic? And why does it exist?
    Summer Magic was created because the first print run of Revised had numerous errors. For example, the Serendib Efreet had the wrong picture and border color. Another problem with Revised was that the colors looked to be washed out, faded or dull. Plateau had the wrong artists name on it.
    But what is Summer Magic? Because of these issues, WoTC decided to do a second print run of Revised. They did fix them, but more problems did arise however. Plateau never had the artists name changed, the colors on some cards were too dark, and Hurricane had the wrong border
    Because of these issues, the initial print run, which consisted of only booster boxes, was destroyed. A few booster boxes did survive and made it out into the hands of the public. A booster pack of Summer Magic has a big green letter E stamped on it.

    So how does one distinguish a Summer Magic card from a normal Revised card? A summer magic card will look like a fourth Edition card, however the 1994 copyright is down on the bottom of the card. Also, look for the slanted letter T inside of a white circle, which was the symbol used to denote that "tapping" was required to use the cards ability, instead of the now common day curved arrow.

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series: Revised Edition
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    • Release Date: Not Announced

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