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Magic the Gathering 2011 Single Frost Titan - NEAR MINT (NM)

Magic the Gathering 2011 Single Frost Titan - NEAR MINT (NM)

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  • Magic the Gathering 2011 Single Frost Titan - NEAR MINT (NM)

    Card Name:
    Frost Titan
    Mana Cost:
    Converted Mana Cost:

    Creature - Giant
    Card Text:
    Whenever Frost Titan becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter that spell or ability unless its controller pays 2.
    Whenever Frost Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, tap target permanent. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
    6 / 6
    Magic 2011 (Mythic Rare) Magic 2011
    Mythic Rare
    Card #:
    Mike Bierek

    Near Mint Condition

    A card in Near Mint condition shows minimal to no wear from shuffling or general play. Cards classified as Near Mint/Mint are generally indistinguishable from cards in an unsleeved deck of other Near Mint/Mint cards. Foils in this condition have little or no scuffing or clouding on the front and edges of the card.

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series: 2011
    • UPC/Barcode:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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