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Magic the Gathering Innistrad Intro Pack - Repel the Dark

Magic the Gathering Innistrad Intro Pack - Repel the Dark
  • Magic the Gathering Innistrad Intro Pack - Repel the Dark
  • Magic the Gathering Innistrad Intro Pack - Repel the Dark
  • Magic the Gathering Innistrad Intro Pack - Repel the Dark
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  • Magic the Gathering Innistrad Intro Pack - Repel the Dark

    In a world crawling with monsters, sometimes it takes everything you've got just to hold onto your humanity... but then again, sometimes humanity strikes back! While playing the "Repel the Dark" deck, you'll rely on what it truly means to be human--teamwork, loyalty, inventiveness, and self-sacrifice--to conquer the enemies who wish to snuff you out.

    This deck rewards you for controlling a legion of creatures and eventually overrunning your enemy. Humans only stand a chance by sticking together, either as an organized army or as an angry mob. Start filling the battlefield as early as turn one with Elite Vanguard.

    Attack whenever the opportunity presents itself. In particular, Hamlet Captain and Benalish Veteran are better when they're attacking. Humans are especially adept at using Equipment like Sharpened Pitchfork. Unruly Mob and Elder Cathar can turn short-term losses into long-term gains.

    Use your tactics and your cunning to find advantages, all while growing your forces. Jade Mage supports your team with Saproling tokens, and Mentor of the Meek's card-drawing ability means you'll never run out of reinforcements. Eventually Overrun or Elder of Laurels will use the sheer size of your horde to blow the game wide open.

    Take this deck to the next level by adding Champion of the Parish, a one-mana Human Soldier that gets larger whenever another Human shows up on your side of the battlefield. You may also want to turn to Mikaeus, the Lunarch. Mikaeus is the spiritual leader of the Humans, and he continually strengthens your team with +1/+1 counters.

    2 Avacyn's Pilgrim
    1 Elite Vanguard
    2 Selfless Cathar
    2 Hamlet Captain
    2 Jade Mage
    2 Avacynian Priest
    3 Unruly Mob
    1 Elder of Laurels
    1 Benalish Veteran
    2 Elder Cathar
    1 Mentor of the Meek
    1 Fiend Hunter
    1 Slayer of the Wicked
    2 Thraben Purebloods

    1 Blazing Torch
    1 Silver-Inlaid Dagger
    1 Sharpened Pitchfork
    2 Titanic Growth
    2 Bonds of Faith
    1 Spare from Evil
    1 Butcher's Cleaver
    2 Smite the Monstrous
    1 Bramblecrush
    1 Overrun

    10 Forest
    14 Plains

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series: Innistrad
    • UPC/Barcode: 35000013299
    • Release Date: September 30th, 2011

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