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Bella Sara Series 8 Treasures Booster Box

Bella Sara Series 8 Treasures Booster Box

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  • Bella Sara Series 8 Treasures Booster Box

    Discover the greatest treasures in the land of North of North and the brave horses who protect them. Explore the world of Bella Sara and find rare jewels, amazing natural wonders, historical artifacts, fantastic magical items, and more! Meet new horse friends and share in the wisdom of Jewel's honor guard.

    Bella Sara Treasures introduces new magical horses from the land
    of North of North for you to collect, trade, and bring to life online! Each card you activate online gives you horseshoes. Horseshoes allow you to play games and purchase numerous items for your online cottage.

    36 packs per box

    Bella Sara Treasures cards are sold in Card Packs, each containing:
    * 5 random Treasures collectable trading cards
    * 1 sticker card
    * 1 temporary tattoo
    * Checklist card with random mini-game
    * Online codes to nurture your horses
    * Positive messages
    * Horseshoes with every card activated

    • Manufacturer: Hidden City
    • Product: Bella Sara
    • Series: Series 8
    • UPC/Barcode: 874667006428
    • Release Date: March 3rd, 2009

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