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AEG Legend of the Five Rings Drums of War Booster Box

AEG Legend of the Five Rings Drums of War Booster Box

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  • AEG Legend of the Five Rings Drums of War Booster Box

    48 packs per box / 11 cards per pack

    War once again descends upon the Empire of Rokugan. The Dragon Clan, denied their destiny of Enlightenment, march against the Crane Clan who they view as nothing more than charlatans. The Lion answer their Crane allies call and ride to their aid, eager to avenge their lost glory after suffering defeat at the hands of the Unicorn.

    While the Phoenix and the Mantis still war, the Unicorn ride high on the thrill of victory. Their Khan has brought them victory over the Lion, and a young shugenja captured the Topaz Championship. High on power, the Khan now eyes more of the Empire, all while the Emperor himself is in seclusion. None but his closest advisors know of his intentions, but how long can an Empire survive without a strong Emperor when the drums of war beat?

    Drums of War is the next exciting expansion in the Age of Enlightenment story arc. In Legend of the Five Rings the players tell the story, and with war looming on the horizon for all the Clans, now is the time they will want their voices heard! Drums brings three popular Clans starter decks: Dragon, Lion, and Unicorn.

    150+ all-new cards for the Lotus tournament environment Starters for the Dragon, Lion, and Unicorn Clans Players will want these powerful cards for the Kotei Tournament Season. Continues the rich story of Legend of the Five Rings, a story told by the players' own actions and decks!

    • Manufacturer: AEG
    • Product: Legend of the Five Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 029220140709
    • Release Date: May 23rd, 2006

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