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Show Your Slabs 9-Card Display PSA

Show Your Slabs 9-Card Display PSA

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  • Show Your Slabs 9-Card Display PSA

    Show Your Slabs PSA 9- Card Holder

    You spent so much time building your collection, sending your cards to be graded, and patiently waited for them to return. Now it's time to get your own custom display and turn your individual slabs into the piece of art you set out to create.

    You can hang the card frame in your office, man-cave, or wherever else you see fit.

    How does it keep my slabs in place?
    Your individual PSA Slabs are kept in the display with nano tape, and this allows you to pop the cards in and out.

    Included with display:

    Instructions, 2 Screws, A suction slab grabber, and extra Nano tape.

    *This display is specially made for PSA Slabs only*

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    • Product: Display
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    • Release Date: Not Announced

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