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Reed's $3,000,000 Nebraska Card Shop Deal

In November 2022, our vintage buyer Reed spearheaded the largest purchase in Dave & Adam's history - over $3M for the inventory of Wes' Baseball Cards in Lincoln, Nebraska. Over the course of nine days, Reed and three of his co-workers inventoried, palletized, loaded and delivered three Penske trucks with 34 pallets of unopened boxes and cases, covering all the major sports plus wrestling, MMA, soccer, golf, non-sport, etc - over 2,000 different items - from the mid-1990s through 2022.  

Reed specializes in older unopened product, and all the pre-2016 boxes and cases can be found here, with new items being added daily through early January. Some boxes we haven't had in over 15 years - so if you see it and you want it, don't wait; you're not the only one who's refreshing this page daily!

Do you have anything you are looking to sell...contact Reed today! 

Reed Kasaoka

[email protected]


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