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2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Hobby 3-Box- New Year 21 Spot Random Hit Break #1

2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Hobby 3-Box- New Year 21 Spot Random Hit Break #1

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Product Highlights

  • Break is scheduled for 01//2019 at 1:30pm EST
  • 2 Autograph, 4 Relic, & 1 Bonus Card in each box
  • See long description for more details about the
  • spots in the break. Every spot gets 1 hit
  • More Details...

We Break It Live Your box or case is opened live for you from the DACW Live Card Lounge and broadcast to a worldwide audience.

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Item Description
Item Details
  • 2018 Sportkings Volume 1 Hobby 3-Box- New Year 21 Spot Random Hit Break #1

    There are 21 spots in the this random hit break

    Each box has 2 autos, 4 relics, and 1 bonus hit. They also have 2 base cards and 1 mini card.

    The 21 spots will be for:

    6 Autographs
    12 Relics
    3 Bonus Hits

    The base and mini cards will be given away in a seperate random

    Each Box contains Four Memorabilia Cards, Two Hard-Signed Autographs, Two Base Cards, One Mini Card, and 1 Bonus Card (Auto, Mem, Cut Sig, or Art Card)!

    Each 10-card box will contain:

    - 4 Memorabilia cards (should have at least one patch with numbered parallels available....Flyer says 3 but we'll add one)
    - 2 hard signed autos (regular or auto mem both with numbered parallels to 1/1)
    - 2 base (only 100 made)
    - 1 mini (only 50 made)
    - 1 bonus card (auto, mem, cut sig, art card etc)

    12 bonus cards (per case) will contain at least two cards from this group:

    - Spectacular Patch (all 1/1, multiple types per player)
    - Jared Kelley hand painted art card
    - Century Heroes Cut signature card (all 1/1 with Gary Kezele sketch)
    - Diamond Heroes signed baseball cut (all 1/1 with Gary Kezele sketch)
    - Sportkings Icons Cut Signature (see checklist)
    - Original Paul Madden rendering used to make base card fronts
    - Enlarged (9 x 12) Jim Brown rendering (trying to get it signed) used for base art
    - Original "Graded" 1933 Sportkings base card led by an "8" Carl Hubbell (flyer)

    Additionally, there will be a set, just 1, of Hobby Exclusive "red back/red background" base cards (about 1 card in every 2 cases).

    12 Boxes Per Case

    • Manufacturer: Sage
    • Product: Sportkings
    • Series:
    • Release Date: November 15th, 2018

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