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2005/06 Topps Bazooka Basketball 24 Pack Box

2005/06 Topps Bazooka Basketball 24 Pack Box

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  • 2005/06 Topps Bazooka Basketball 24 Pack Box

    24 packs per box, 8 cards per pack

    Look for 2 relic cards in every box!!! Also look for Celebrity Autographs! Look for key rookies such as: D.Williams, M.Williams, C.Paul, A.Bogut and many more!!!

    BASE CARDS (220 total cards)
    Veterans (160)
    Rookies (55)
    Rookie Celebrity (5) - NEW! 5 stars who've made namesfor themselves off the court!

    AUTOGRAPHED CARDS (20 total subjects)

    Bazooka Signs (20)
    20 Rookies,Celebrities & Veterans sign!

    RELIC CARDS (95 total subjects)
    Bazooka All-Stars (20)
    These 20 All-Star players appear with pieces of their game-worn jerseys from All-Star weekend!
    Bazooka All-Access (20)
    20 exciting Rookies are featured with pieces of memorabilia worn during the 2005 NBARookie Photo Shoot!
    Bazooka Blog Squad (25)
    These 25 superstars are featured alongside pieces of their game-worn jerseys!
    Bazooka Power (30)
    30 players who dominate the court appear with pieces of their game-worn jerseys!

    PARALLEL CARDS (660 total cards)
    Bazooka Minis (220)
    Every star from the base seton miniaturized cards!
    Bazooka Chunks (220)
    Parallel of all 220base cards!
    Bazooka Fortune (220) - sequentially #'d to 5!
    Hobby Exclusive parallel!

    INSERT CARDS (307 total subjects)
    Bazooka 4-on-1 Stickers (220 subjects/55 cards)
    ~;~220 players appear as foursomes on 55 stickers!
    Bazooka Tattoos (33)
    These 33 stars have tattoos made in their images!
    Bazooka Magnets (24)
    Comics of 24 captivating players are printed on magnets!
    Bazooka Window Clings (30)
    All 30 NBA team logos displayed on individual window clings!

    Bazooka Signs
    BS-EO Emeka Okafor
    BS-CA Carmelo Anthony
    ~;~BS-RH Richard Hamilton
    BS-JS Josh Smith
    BS-DW Dwyane Wade
    BS-SL Shaun Livingston
    BS-LD Luol Deng
    BS-SM Stephon Marbury
    BS-SO Shaquille O'Neal
    BS-ME Monta Ellis
    BS-RF Raymond Felton
    BS-FV Fran Vazquez
    BS-GG Gerald Green
    BS-DWI Deron Williams
    BS-SMA Sean May
    BS-AB Andrew Bogut
    BS-AI Allen Iverson
    BS-JN JameerNelson
    BS-JZ Jay-Z
    BS-BY Beyonce
    ~;~BS-JM Jenny McCarthy
    BS-SE Shannon Elizabeth
    BS-CB Christie Brinkley
    BS-CE CarmenElectra
    BS-DWA Damon Wayans
    BS-SW Sean Wayans
    BS-MW Marlon Wayans

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Bazooka
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 041116759871
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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