Buy List Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dave & Adam’s Buy List?
The Dave & Adam’s Buy List allows customers to sell their new items in exchange for a business check, PayPal payment or a Dave & Adam’s giftcard. The process is easy and convenient with an automated and guaranteed offer.

How long will it take to receive payment once I send in my item(s)?
Depending on your location, packages may take up to 7 business days to arrive before they are processed.

Once your item is received and verified, you’ll receive an email notification within 1 business day informing you whether your items were accepted or rejected. If accepted you will also see your payment information.

What condition do my items need to be in?
In general, all items you wish to sell us must match the exact version displayed in the search results or on the product page on Boxes and cases must be factory sealed with original shrink wrap, untampered and in new condition. No dings, dents, torn shrink wrap, water damage, etc. will be accepted. We have the right of refusal upon inspection.

Are there any return shipping fees?
There are no fees. If an item is not accepted and is returned, there is no cost for return shipping.

Can I sell you an item that isn’t listed on the Buying Boxes page?
If your item is not listed, then we currently do not have an offer for it. However the Buying page is constantly updated with new items, so please check back regularly.

How long do I have to ship my items?
In order to guarantee price, package must be received within 7 business days. Packages not received within 7 business days of submission will automatically be canceled.

Who do I contact with questions about my Buy?
The most recent status of your Buy is available online anytime in your Dave & Adam’s account.

If you need help submitting the items you want to sell, you can contact Dave & Adam’s Customer Service via phone at 1-888-440-9787.