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Magic the Gathering Planar Chaos Precon Theme Deck Box (Reed Buy)
  • Magic the Gathering Planar Chaos Precon Theme Deck Box (Reed Buy)

Magic the Gathering Planar Chaos Precon Theme Deck Box (Reed Buy)

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  • Magic the Gathering Planar Chaos Precon Theme Deck Box (Reed Buy)

    What is a “Reed Buy”?

    Reed Kasaoka is the head buyer of the Sports Division at Dave & Adam's. His primary responsibility is traveling all over the country, buying private collections out of people’s closets, bedrooms, attics, basements, garages, and storage units, as well as complete inventories of show dealers, shop owners, autograph dealers, and distributors. Reed comes up with some amazing finds – rarely seen unopened boxes, quality graded cards, certified autographed memorabilia, and much more.

    We have tagged all of his acquisitions as a Reed Buy so you’ll know where to look first for all of his deals. Almost every item is “one-of-a-kind” – so when you see something interesting, don’t hesitate, because there are likely many other collectors who are thinking the exact same thing!

    12 theme decks per box / 60 cards per deck

    Box Contains
    - 3 Endless March
    - 3 Unraveling Mind
    - 3 Ixidors Legacy
    - 3 Rituals of Rebirth

    The second set in the Time Spiral block, Planar Chaos features 165 cards with randomly-inserted premium cards. All cards in the set are tournament legal. It will be available in booster packs, theme decks, and Fat Packs.

    Starting with Time Spiral, there has been a change in how premium cards are distributed. Previously, premium cards replaced a card of the same rarity, so a premium rare would replace a standard rare, a premium uncommon would replace a standard uncommon, and a premium common would replace a standard common. In Time Spiral and in future sets, all rare, uncommon, and common premium cards will replace a standard common instead. It is now possible for there to be two rares in one pack: the standard rare card plus a premium rare (which replaces a standard common).

    Teferi Planeswalker sacrificed his powers to mend the splintering Multiverse, but it was too little and too late. An unnatural cold has taken root in Dominaria and is spreading. Now powerless, Teferi tries to find a way to finish what he started before the world is destroyed by the havoc he unintentionally wrought.

    • Manufacturer: WOTC
    • Product: Magic the Gathering
    • Series: Planar Chaos
    • Release Date: February 1st, 2007

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