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Sub-Mariner #14 FN/VF
  • Sub-Mariner #14 FN/VF

Sub-Mariner #14 FN/VF

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  • Sub-Mariner #14 FN/VF

    Sub-Mariner #14 FN/VF 1st app of Toro in the Silver Age. Death of Torro.

    More Comic Details

    Cover Details:

    • Characters: Sub-Mariner [Namor McKenzie], Toro [Thomas Raymond]
    • Title: Namor vs. The Human Torch!

    Inside Pages Details:

    • Characters: Sub-Mariner [Namor McKenzie], Toro [Thomas Raymond] (re-introduction, death), Ann Raymond (Toro's wife, introduction, in flashback), Mad Thinker (villain), Egghead [Elihas Star] (villain), Puppet Master [Phillip Masters] (villain), Prof. Phineas Horton (in flashback), Human Torch [Jim Hammond] (in flashback), Fantastic Four, Mister Fantastic (in flashback), Invisible Girl (in flashback), Human Torch [Johnny Storm] (in flashback), the Thing [Ben Grimm] (main story and flashback)], Avengers, Vision, Black Panther [T'Challa], Wasp [Janet Van Dyne], Yellowjacket [Henry Pym], Iron Man [Tony Stark], Spider-Man [Peter Parker], Nick Fury, "Dum-Dum" Dugan [Timothy Dugan], X-Men, Marvel Girl [Jean Grey], Iceman, Beast, Cyclops
    • Title: Burn, Namor... Burn!

    • Manufacturer: Marvel
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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