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Flash #124 VG/FN

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  • Flash #124 VG/FN

Flash #124 VG/FN

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  • Flash #124 VG/FN

    Flash #124 VG/FN 2nd app of Captain Boomerang 2 stamps on cover

    More Comic Details

    Cover Details:

    • Characters: Flash [Barry Allen], Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness], Elongated Man [Ralph Dibny]
    • Title: The Space-Boomerang Trap!

    Inside Pages Details:

    • Characters: Flash [Barry Allen], Elongated Man [Ralph Dibny], Sue Dibny, Captain Boomerang [Digger Harkness] (villain)
    • Title: Space-Boomerang Trap!

    • Manufacturer: DC Comics
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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