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World of Warcraft 2011 Spring Class Starter Deck (Japanese)

World of Warcraft 2011 Spring Class Starter Deck (Japanese)

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  • World of Warcraft 2011 Spring Class Starter Deck (Japanese)

    Disclaimer: These decks are printed in Japanese and pulled at random

    The Class Starter decks are designed for players new to the TCG or those looking for a reasonably priced entry point, especially for providing a tournament-playable Core deck.

    The Class Starters are synchronized for release with the Dungeon Deck product line, as the Dungeon Decks are designed to go up against three Class Starter decks-again, making it ideal for new players.

    Each Class Starter is designed for the most new player friendly experience possible. Each game between Class Starter decks is designed to take no more than 30 minutes.

    Unlike the previous Class Starter release, content for the 2011 Class Starters is fixed. No more guesswork about what your deck will contain.

    Each Class Starter contains a new Hero card and three fixed Rare cards, including a Talent card selected specifically for the deck.

    10 Decks per box, each containing one Unique Hero card, 60 card class starter deck and one booster pack

    o 10 different decks - one for each class in the MMO
    o Alliance Worgen Rogue
    o Alliance Human Death Knight
    o Alliance Dwarf Warrior
    o Alliance Gnome Warlock
    o Alliance Draenei Shaman
    o Horde Blood Elf Paladin
    o Horde Undead Priest
    o Horde Goblin Mage
    o Horde Troll Hunter
    o Horde Tauren Druid

    o Common- Party Grenade
    o Uncommon-Dragon Kite
    o Rare-Spectral Tiger Cub


    o Each Class Starter is designed to be a recognizable product for those new or unfamiliar to the TCG but experienced with the MMO, as much of each deck's contents feature iconic and resonant cards that players can identify with.
    o Class Starter deck game play is designed to be a simple, straightforward and fun experience for new players, with each deck recreating an experience unique to that class.
    o Inclusion of a Booster Pack further reinforces the customizable aspect of the TCG, by encouraging players to open and explore a booster product to improve their deck.

    • Manufacturer: Cryptozoic
    • Product: World of Warcraft
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    • Release Date: Not Announced

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