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DC HeroClix 75th Anniversary Booster Brick (10 Ct.)
  • DC HeroClix 75th Anniversary Booster Brick (10 Ct.)
  • DC HeroClix 75th Anniversary Booster Brick (10 Ct.)
  • DC HeroClix 75th Anniversary Booster Brick (10 Ct.)

DC HeroClix 75th Anniversary Booster Brick (10 Ct.)

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  • DC HeroClix 75th Anniversary Booster Brick (10 Ct.)

    Hitting comic-and-game stores this fall, DC HeroClix: 75th Anniversary will end 2010 with a bang! Commemorating the rich history as well as the exciting present of DC Comics, the booster release showcases more than 60 characters with exciting new sculpts and dynamic Special Powers. Sold in standard five-figure booster packs, DC HeroClix: 75th Anniversary combines the traditional with the cutting edge, creating a unique assortment of characters appropriate for any comic fan.

    One character shines alone like a beacon across the history of comics. An infallible symbol of duty, honor and integrity, no comic character better captures the spirit of comics' Golden Age than the Last Son of Krypton, Superman. A bastion of comics history and a piece of Americana, Golden Age Superman is replicated in signature Action Comics form in DC HeroClix: 75th Anniversary. In addition to the Man of Steel, DC HeroClix: 75 Anniversary also features numerous other Golden Age paragons. Charging into booster packs is an iconic Super Rare Wonder Woman, harkening back to the first issues of the crusading Amazon warrior.

    Classic comics fans also will appreciate appearances by historically significant heroes that reach beyond the megastars of the DC Universe. Representative of the era of enigmatic, masked crimefighters of the 1930s, the Crimson Avenger touches upon one of the many aspects of pulp history captured in DC75. On a much different end of the comic spectrum, Sgt. Rock delivers the gritty war realism from popular comics of the 1950s and early '60s. An outstanding and fearless leader of soldiers, the Sarge is sure to be a fixture of many HeroClix forces.

    Exciting comics history isn't just relegated to the Golden Age. What about unforgettable moments from the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s? While they are a part of "recent history," stories like Knightfall and the Death of Superman shook comics to their core.

    • Manufacturer: NECA
    • Product: HeroClix
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    • UPC/Barcode: 634482701584
    • Release Date: December 14th, 2010

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