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AEG Legend of the Five Rings Rise of the Shogun Booster Box

AEG Legend of the Five Rings Rise of the Shogun Booster Box

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  • AEG Legend of the Five Rings Rise of the Shogun Booster Box

    48 packs per box / 11 cards per pack

    With the knowledge that the Emperor has left the capitol on a quest for Enlightenmint, the Empire is in turmoil. The shogun moves to seize power, though he claims only to protect the throne for his brother. Many are doubtful, and see this as the resurgence of Kaneka's long dormant ambition. The empress stands against the Shogun, but his actions have seriously weakened her influence in court.

    The Scorpion Clan sees their allegiance to the Emperor as a sacred duty to keep the throne empty in his absence. Bayushi Paneki will move his forces if necessary to keep the Shogun from taking the throne out from under his absent brother. The Unicorn Clans Khan cares nothing for whos is in charge, Emperor or Shugun, as either is little more than an obstacle in his rise to power.

    Even darker news comes from the south, Hiruma scouts report that both Ratling allies and wandering samurai of the Lost report the Emperor has gone deep into the Shadowlands on his quest for understanding. The Lost believe his quest will end at the fabled Tomb of the Seven Thunders, and the Ratlings believe it will only end tommorrow.

    • Manufacturer: AEG
    • Product: Legend of the Five Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 029220141300
    • Release Date: September 28th, 2006

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