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AEG Legend of the Five Rings Khan's Defiance Starter Box

AEG Legend of the Five Rings Khan's Defiance Starter Box

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  • AEG Legend of the Five Rings Khan's Defiance Starter Box

    6 Clan decks per box, each deck contains 84 set cards and a rule sheet.

    The powerful Moto Chagatai, great Khan of the Unicorn clan, looks to the Imperial City with disgust. The Shogun has refused to take the throne, and instead defends the rule of an ineffectual Empress ? a weakling dependant upon others to ensure her power. If the Shogun will not take the throne, then perhaps it is time for a Khan to sit upon it.

    In the midst of winter, the armies of the Unicorn march on Toshi Ranbo. The magic of the Barunghar hastens and protects the mighty Khol army, and at its head rides the Khan himself. A major campaign launched in the winter has never before been seen in the Empire, for the risks are enormous. Nothing shall stay the Khan?s ambition, however, and he marches in defiance of all tradition and reason. Only the valiant Lion, led by a young and untested champion, stand between the Khan and the throne he intends to claim.

    In this time of chaos and conflict, only one thing can be said with any certainty: This shall be the Winter of Red Snow.

    • Manufacturer: AEG
    • Product: Legend of the Five Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 029220141805
    • Release Date: April 2nd, 2007

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