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AEG Legend of the Five Rings Broken Blades Starter Box

AEG Legend of the Five Rings Broken Blades Starter Box
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  • AEG Legend of the Five Rings Broken Blades Starter Box

    6 decks per box, 84 cards per deck

    The conflict between the Four Winds takes a new turn. Akodo Kaneka declares himself Shogun, placing all Rokugan under his protection. Those who do not swear fealty to him will be considered enemies.

    Turning from his quest for vengence, Toturi Sezaru makes his bid for the throne. The Wolf knows that only by allying the clans against the Shadowlands can true justice be found, but will the clans follow him?

    In the depths of the Shinomen, Toturi Tsudao continues to follow the trail of the Tsuno, and fins the demonic packs waiting eagerly for her arrival. And in Otosan Uchi, Hantei Naseru faces his rival, the Emerald Champion, once again.

    Even as this occurs, the Crab Clan unleashes a desperate attack upon the fallen towers of the Kaiu Wall. Though the Horde begins to retreat at last, the victor is bitterswet, for the Dark Lord himself is no longer present upon the wall. Daigotsu has embarked upon the next stage of his invaions- the Imperial Capital, Otosan Uchi.

    • Manufacturer: AEG
    • Product: Legend of the Five Rings
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 029220125805
    • Release Date: October 1st, 2007

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