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2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Inscription Edition Hobby 12-Box Case
  • 2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Inscription Edition Hobby 12-Box Case
  • 2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Inscription Edition Hobby 12-Box Case

2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Inscription Edition Hobby 12-Box Case

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Product Highlights

  • 12 Boxes Per Case, 1 Pack Per Box
  • (1) Cut Signature Card Per Box!
  • Nearly 2,000 1-of-1 Cuts!!
  • 2-3 low #'d Inscription Autographs Per Case!
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Item Description
Item Details
  • 2013 Press Pass Platinum Cuts Inscription Edition Hobby 12-Box Case

    Find (1) Beckett Encapsulated Cut Signature Per Box!!

    (12) Press Pass Platinum Cuts per case including 2-3 low #'d Inscription Autographs!

    Press Pass Platinum Cuts offers an incredible variety of personalities from the Golden Age of Hollywood to Hall of Famers to pop culture icons to legendary figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Harry Houdini and more!


    VINTAGE signatures from the Golden Age of Hollywood:

    Lauren Bacall
    Lucille Ball
    Ingrid Bergman
    Marlon Brando
    Richard Burton
    James Cagney
    Nat King Cole
    Gary Cooper
    Joan Crawford
    Dorothy Dandridge
    Cecil B. deMille
    Errol Flynn
    Henry Fonda
    Clark Gable
    Ava Gardner
    Judy Garland
    Cary Grant
    Rex Harrison
    Audrey Hepburn
    Bob Hope
    Rock Hudson
    Danny Kaye
    Boris Karloff
    Bert Lahr
    Stan Laurel
    Sophia Loren
    Vivien Leigh & Laurence
    Chico Marx
    Paul Newman
    Gregory Peck
    Vincent Price
    Omar Sharif
    Frank Sinatra
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Spencer Tracy
    Johnny Weissmuller
    John Wayne
    Orson Welles
    Fay Wray

    and hundreds more "1 of 1" cuts!

    Look for cuts from later in the century as well:

    Anne Bancroft
    Johnny Carson
    Richard Chamberlain
    Sean Connery
    Clint Eastwood
    Mama Cass Elliot
    Morgan Freeman
    Joey Heatherton
    Dennis Hopper
    Eartha Kitt
    Roger Moore
    Leslie Nielsen
    Peter O'Toole
    Burt Reynolds
    Inger Stevens
    Mamie Van Doren
    Tuesday Weld and more!

    Hall of Famers:

    Babe Ruth
    Lou Gehrig
    Cy Young
    Tony Lazzeri
    Jimmie Foxx
    Honus Wagner
    Grover Alexander
    Jackie Robinson
    Ty Cobb
    Walter Johnson
    Rogers Hornsby
    Chief Bender
    Mickey Cochrane
    Larry Lajoie
    Edward Collins
    Ki Ki Cuyler
    Dizzy Dean
    Joe Dimaggio
    Mickey Mantle
    Tris Speaker
    Ed Walsh
    Goose Goslin
    Nellie Fox
    Red Grange
    George Halas
    Bronko Nagurski
    Walter Payton
    George Mikan
    Nat Holman
    Red Auerbach
    Red Holzman
    and hundreds more "1 of 1" cuts!


    Pop Culture Icon "Inscriptions":

    - William Shatner: "Star Trek"
    - Lou Ferrigno: "Hulk" "I Love You Man" "Pumping Iron"
    - Davy Jones: "Daydream Believer" "The Monkees" "Brady Bunch"
    - Sean Young: "Ace Ventura" "Laces Out, Dan!"
    - Sean Patrick Flannery: "Boondock Saints" "Connor" "Indiana Jones"
    - Dirk Benedict: "The A-Team" "Faceman" "Battlestar Gallactica"
    - Norman Reedus: "The Walking Dead" "Darryl Dixon" "Boondock Saints"
    - Michael Madsen: "Reservoir Dogs" "Kill Bill"
    - Anthony Michael Hall: "Breakfast Club" "The Dead Zone"

    and dozens more pop culture celebrity inscriptions!

    LOW #'D INSCRIPTIONS FROM 1 of 1's TO 1 of 9's!

    Also look for "DUAL" & "TRIPLE" cut signature cards with many featuring autographs on both sides of the card:

    - Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, & Eli Wallach (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly)
    - Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams (Laverne & Shirley)
    - Buddy Ebsen & Irene Ryan (Jed Clampett & Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies)
    - Alan Hale, Jr & Tina Louise (The Skipper & Ginger from Gilligan's Island)
    - Roddy Mc Dowell & Kim Hunter (Planet of the Apes)
    - Paul Michael Glaser & Antonio Fargas (Starsky & Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch)
    - Davy Jones & Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees)
    - Sheryl Lee & Sherilyn Fenn (Laura & Audrey from Twin Peaks)
    - Sean Patrick Flannery & Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints)

    and many more!

    12 Boxes Per Case, 1 Cut Signature Per Box

    • Manufacturer: Press Pass
    • Product: Platinum Cuts
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 0066902810312
    • Release Date: December 20th, 2012

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