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1972 Topps Football PSA 8 Graded Starter Set (Reed Buy)

1972 Topps Football PSA 8 Graded Starter Set (Reed Buy)

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  • 1972 Topps Football PSA 8 Graded Starter Set (Reed Buy)

    What is a “Reed Buy”?

    Reed Kasaoka is the head buyer of the Sports Division at Dave & Adam's. His primary responsibility is traveling all over the country, buying private collections out of people’s closets, bedrooms, attics, basements, garages, and storage units, as well as complete inventories of show dealers, shop owners, autograph dealers, and distributors. Reed comes up with some amazing finds – rarely seen unopened boxes, quality graded cards, certified autographed memorabilia, and much more.

    We have tagged all of his acquisitions as a Reed Buy so you’ll know where to look first for all of his deals. Almost every item is “one-of-a-kind” – so when you see something interesting, don’t hesitate, because there are likely many other collectors who are thinking the exact same thing!

    1972 Topps Football PSA 8 Graded Starter Set

    150 different cards, all graded PSA 8 or higher, no high numbers

    7AFC Scoring Leaders
    8NFC Scoring Leaders
    10Otis Taylor
    11Bobby Joe Green
    12Ken Ellis
    14Dave ParksPSA 8.5
    15John Hadl
    16Ron Hornsby
    18Bill Kilmer
    21Steve Zabel
    22Vic Washington
    24Bill Thompson
    26Ken Burrough
    27Mike Clark
    29Checklist 1-132
    31Jerry Logan
    32Donny AndersonPSA 8.5
    33Rich McGeorge
    34Charlie Durkee
    36Chris Farasopoulos
    37Ronnie Shanklin
    38Forrest BluePSA 9
    39Ken ReavesPSA 8.5
    40Roman Gabriel
    41Mac Percival
    42Lem Barney
    43Nick Buoniconti
    44Charlie Gogolak
    45Bill Bradley
    46Joe Jones
    47Dave Williams
    51Curt Knight
    52Bobby Maples
    53Charlie West
    54Marv Hubbard
    57Wayne Patrick
    59Roger Wehrli
    60Charlie Sanders
    61Jan Stenerud
    62Willie Ellison
    63Walt Sweeney
    64Ron Smith
    68Richard Caster
    69Dave Wilcox
    71Bob Lee
    73Henry Allison
    74Steve Ramsey
    75Claude Humphrey
    76Bob Grim
    77John Fuqua
    78Ken Houston
    79Checklist 133-263
    81Lance Rentzel
    83Ike HillPSA 9
    84George FarmerPSA 9
    86Jim Otto
    87Richard Neal
    88Jim Hart
    89Bob Babich
    92Bobby Duhon
    94Rockne Freitas
    95Larry Brown
    96Mike Phipps
    97Julius Adams
    98Dick Anderson
    103Robert HolmesPSA 8.5
    107Bob Berry
    108Phil Villapiano
    109Dave Elmendorf
    111Jim Tyrer
    113Gerry Philbin
    114Bob James
    115Garo Yepremian
    117Jeff Queen
    118Norm Snead
    119Jim Nance (Pro Action)
    121Jim Kiick (Pro Action)
    124John Brodie (Pro Action)
    125Rick Volk (Pro Action)
    126John Riggins (Pro Action)
    128Roman Gabriel (Pro Action)PSA 8.5
    129Calvin Hill (Pro Action)
    130Bill Nelsen (Pro Action)
    131Tom Matte (Pro Action)
    134NFC Semi-final
    135AFC Semi-final
    136NFC Semi-final
    137AFC Championship
    141Rick Volk
    142Roy Jefferson
    144Bobby Douglass
    146Harold Jackson
    147Pete Gogolak
    149Ed Flanagan
    152Jack Snow
    154Bob Anderson
    158Randy Vataha
    161Jackie Smith
    163Dennis Partee
    171Jim Butler
    174Greg Landry
    177Bobby Bell
    185Bob Tucker
    187Bo Scott
    189Bruce GossettPSA 9
    191Edd Hargett
    192Gary Garrison
    193Jake Scott
    194Fred Cox
    195Sonny Jurgensen
    196Greg BrezinaPSA 9
    197Ed O'Bradovich
    198John Rowser
    199Altie Tayor
    202Garland Boyette
    203Tom Beer
    206Scott Hunter
    208Sam Brunelli
    211Bill Nelsen
    212George NockPSA 9
    214Irv Goode
    215Isiah Robertson
    216Tom Matte
    217Pat Fischer
    218Gene Washington
    219Paul RobinsonPSA 9
    222Errol Mann
    223Dick Gordon
    226Jim Turner
    227Jim Mitchell
    228Pete Liske
    231Gale Gillingham
    232Norm Bulach
    235George Blanda
    238Dennis Shaw
    241Mike Garrett
    242Glenn Ray Hines
    245Len Dawson
    246W.K. Hicks
    247Les Josephson
    250Mel Farr (Pro Action)
    252George Farmer (Pro Action)
    254John Hadl (Pro Action)
    255Vic Washington (Pro Action)
    256Don Horn (Pro Action)
    258Bob Lee (Pro Action)
    260Mike McCoy (Pro Action)
    261Greg Landry (Pro Action)
    262Ray May (Pro Action)
    263Bobby Douglass (Pro Action)

    Product Highlights

    • 150 Card Set
    • All PSA 8's or higher!
    • No high numbers
    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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