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1970 Topps Baseball Partial PSA 8 Graded Set (Reed Buy)
  • 1970 Topps Baseball Partial PSA 8 Graded Set (Reed Buy)

1970 Topps Baseball Partial PSA 8 Graded Set (Reed Buy)

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  • 1970 Topps Baseball Partial PSA 8 Graded Set (Reed Buy)

    What is a “Reed Buy”?

    Reed Kasaoka is the head buyer of the Sports Division at Dave & Adam's. His primary responsibility is traveling all over the country, buying private collections out of people’s closets, bedrooms, attics, basements, garages, and storage units, as well as complete inventories of show dealers, shop owners, autograph dealers, and distributors. Reed comes up with some amazing finds – rarely seen unopened boxes, quality graded cards, certified autographed memorabilia, and much more.

    We have tagged all of his acquisitions as a Reed Buy so you’ll know where to look first for all of his deals. Almost every item is “one-of-a-kind” – so when you see something interesting, don’t hesitate, because there are likely many other collectors who are thinking the exact same thing!

    1970 Topps Baseball Partial PSA 8 Graded Set Includes:

    308 Cards -

    Tom Egan
    Ray Washburn
    Willie Crawford
    Reds Rookies
    Mack Jones
    Rich Allen
    Tito Fuentes
    Roberto Pena
    Bob Miller
    Tim Cullen
    Bob Christian
    Jeff Torborg
    Phillies Rookies
    Pat Kelly
    Dave Marshall
    Angels Rookies
    Clay Kirby
    Frank Fernandez
    Don Cardwell
    Rick Morales
    Rick Renick
    Earl Wilson
    Gates Brown
    Gerry Moses
    Tony Gonzalez
    Bobby Etheridge
    Tom Burgmeier
    Expos Rookies
    Gene Michael
    Don Young
    George Stone
    Larry Jaster
    Ollie Brown
    Dodgers Rookies
    Danny Walton
    Rich Nye
    Phil Gagliano
    Ray Culp
    Danny Murphy
    Angel Hermoso
    Billy Champion
    Dave Roberts
    Ike Brown
    Gary Gentry
    Senators Rookies
    Denis Menke
    Eddie Fisher
    Manny Mota
    Jerry McNertney
    Syd O'Brien
    Ty Cline
    Ed Kirkpatrick
    Bill Burbach
    Tom Hall
    Jim Nash
    Braves Rookies
    Jim Hicks
    Ted Sizemore
    Dick Bosman
    Denny Lemaster
    Ivan Murrell
    Tommy John
    Jerry Grote
    Don Mincher
    Mike Hedlund
    Mike Wegener
    Rudy May
    Len Gabrielson
    Tigers Rookies
    Ken Suarez
    Al Santorini
    Andy Etchebarren
    Ron Stone
    Jerry Kenney
    Ron Brand
    Nate Oliver
    Steve Barber
    Ron Perranoski
    Aurelio Rodriguez
    Lew Krausse
    Joe Sparma
    Leo Cardenas
    Jesus Alou
    Padres Rookies
    Randy Hundley
    Twins Rookies
    Claude Raymond
    Cesar Gutierrez
    Greg Goossen
    Ralph Houk
    Gerry Arrigo
    Paul Doyle
    Tommie Aaron
    Casey Cox
    Steve Huntz
    Angel Bravo
    Jack Baldschun
    Paul Blair
    Fred Talbot
    Larry Hisle
    Leo Durocher
    Eddie Leon
    Bob Bailey
    Jose Azcue
    Cecil Upshaw
    Woody Woodward
    Curt Blefary
    Ken Henderson
    Chico Salmon
    Jeff James
    World Series Game 5 (Koosman Shuts The Door!)
    Dick Green
    Mike Torrez
    Mayo Smith
    Skip Guinn
    Willie Smith
    Clayton Dalrymple
    Luke Walker
    Wayne Comer
    Tony Taylor
    Dave Boswell
    Bill Voss
    Hal King
    George Brunet
    Chris Cannizzaro
    Chuck Dobson
    Bobby Wine
    Bill Freehan
    Mike McCormick
    Paul Schaal
    Johnny Edwards
    Bill Sudakis
    Wilbur Wood
    Marcelino Lopez
    Al Ferrara
    Russ Snyder
    Tom Murphy
    Bob Barton
    Stan Williams
    Amos Otis
    Doug Rader
    Fred Lasher
    Bob Burda
    Pedro Borbon
    Phil Roof
    Ray Jarvis
    Joe Hague
    Dan McGinn
    Zoilo Versalles
    Barry Moore
    Mike Lum
    Ed Herrmann
    Alan Foster
    Rod Gaspar
    Dave Giusti
    Roy White
    Tommie Sisk
    Johnny Callison
    Bill Butler
    Tom Tischinski
    Athletics Rookies
    Gary Neibauer
    Jim Shellenback
    Willie Davis
    Larry Brown
    Roger Repoz
    Bill Stoneman
    Mike Andrews
    Bob Watson
    Paul Edmondson
    Joe Verbanic
    John Bateman
    John Donaldson
    Ken McMullen
    Pat Dobson
    Royals Team
    Fred Norman
    Don Buford
    Cubs Rookies
    Ron Swoboda
    Ron Bryant
    Felipe Alou
    Philadelphia Phillies Team
    Danny Cater
    Lee Maye
    John O'Donoghue
    Al Jackson
    White Sox Rookies
    Billy Grabarkewitz
    Lee Stange
    Houston Astros Team
    Chris Zachary
    Dick Kelley
    Dick McAuliffe
    Don Shaw
    Bob Heise
    Tom Hilgendorf
    Gail Hopkins
    Cisco Carlos
    Astros Rookies
    Larry Stahl
    Don Pavletich
    Expos Team
    Preston Gomez
    Don Wilson
    Joe Gibbon
    Alvin Dark
    Don Bosch
    Bob Aspromonte
    Buzz Stephen
    Andy Kosco
    Bob Humphreys
    Bill Heath
    6th Series Checklist 547-633 (Brown bat)
    Rick Monday
    Dock Ellis
    Jim Lefebvre
    Dave Bristol
    Vern Fuller
    Tommy Davis
    Tom McCraw
    Ted Abernathy
    Red Sox Team
    Johnny Briggs
    Gene Alley
    Bob Oliver
    Stan Bahnsen
    Cookie Rojas
    Jim Fregosi
    Jim Brewer
    Frank Quilici
    Padres Rookies
    Bobby Bolin
    Cleon Jones
    Milt Pappas
    Bernie Allen
    Tom Griffin
    Tom Satriano
    Mike Paul
    Hal Lanier
    Al Downing
    Jose Arcia
    Mike Ryan
    Daryl Patterson
    Jake Gibbs
    Mike Hershberger
    Sonny Siebert
    Joe Pepitone
    Senators Rookies
    Pete Richert
    Ray Oyler
    Cito Gaston
    Rick Wise
    Pittsburgh Pirates Team
    Buck Martinez
    Jerry Koosman
    Jim Hickman
    Dave Baldwin
    Mark Belanger
    Jim French
    Billy Wynne
    Norm Miller
    Jim Perry
    Horace Clarke
    Clyde King
    Dean Chance
    Dave Ricketts
    Merv Rettenmund
    Gary Sutherland
    Roger Nelson
    Jim Stewart
    Dave Campbell
    Al McBean
    Jim Britton
    Tom Matchick
    Rich Rollins
    Moe Drabowsky
    John Roseboro
    San Diego Padres Team
    Ken Tatum
    Tito Francona
    Jim Lonborg
    Adolfo Phillips
    Bob Meyer
    Jim Campanis
    Leon McFadden
    Ted Uhlaender
    Dave Leonhard
    Jose Cardenal
    Woodie Fryman
    Dave Duncan
    Bob Garibaldi
    Jack Fisher
    Jackie Hernandez
    Bob Priddy
    Ted Kubiak
    Ron Fairly
    Joe Grzenda
    Bob Johnson
    Gary Ross
    Bobby Knoop
    San Francisco Giants Team
    Jim Hannan
    Lou Marone
    Frank Baker
    Mike Fiore
    St Louis Cardinals Rookies
    Ed Spiezio

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