1960 Fleer Baseball Complete Set (NM-MT condition)

1960 Fleer Baseball Complete Set (NM-MT condition)

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  • 1960 Fleer Baseball Complete Set (NM-MT condition)

    This is a true NM-MT set, with many of the cards having that fresh from the pack look. However, typical centering from this set does apply here, as there are a good percentage of cards with 80/20 centering.

    79 card set

    NM-MT condition standards:
    - Centering: 60/40 both ways or better on front. 80/20 or better on back.
    - Corners: Sharp to the naked eye, but slight imperfections allowed under close examination.
    - Edges: Relatively smooth borders. Specks of chipping visible to the naked eye are allowed.
    - Surface: A few minor print spots. Very minor color or focus imperfections. Solid gloss with very minor scratches detectable only upon close inspection. Or a subtle metallic print line.

    • Manufacturer: Fleer
    • Product:
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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