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2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack
  • 2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack
  • 2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack
  • 2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack
  • 2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack
  • 2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack

2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack

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  • 2019 Panini Majestic Football Hobby Pack

    Majestic Football now features NFL photography and materials for the 2019 NFL Rookies! Look for 40 Rookie Scripted Swatches and 40 Majestic Rookie Signatures as part of the base set.

    Stunning on-card autographs feature the best current and retired stars the NFL has to offer, in Capstones, Royal Signatures, Magnificent Signatures, Marvelous Signatures and Imposing Signatures, all #'d/99 or less!

    Look for jersey cards of the top stars in the NFL with the following memorabilia inserts: Astonishing Arms, Distinguished Defenders, Unsung Warriors Materials, Show Stoppers Materials, Majestic Rookie Materials, Icons Materials and Exalted Triple Materials.

    Hunt for incredible multi-signed cards in Ring Bearers Dual Signatures, Hall of Fame Descent Dual Signatures, Team Signs Dual Signatures, Super Bowl Teammate Dual Signatures and Team Signs Triple Signatures.


    BASE: This unique base set features color photos over holo silver foil with a matte finish.

    - Base - max #'d/75
    - Base Gold - #'d/50
    - Base Holo Silver - #'d/25
    - Base Holo Gold - #'d/5
    - Base Platinum - one-of-one

    CAPSTONES HOLO PLATINUM BLUE: Look for these four swatch on-card autograph cards of the NFL's best!

    - Capstones - max #'d/99
    - Capstones Gold - max #'d/49
    - Capstones Holo Silver - max #'d/10
    - Capstones Holo Gold - max #'d/5
    - Capstones Platinum - one-of-one

    ROOKIE SCRIPTED SWATCHES: Now with NFL photography, Rookie Scripted Swatches includes 40 of the top 2019 NFL Rookies with a jumbo memorabilia piece.

    - Rookie Scripted Swatches - max #'d/199
    - Rookie Scripted Swatches Gold - max #'d/49
    - Rookie Scripted Swatches Holo Silver - #'d/10
    - Rookie Scripted Swatches Holo Gold- #'d/5
    - Rookie Scripted Swatches Platinum - one-of-one

    ROYAL SIGNATURES: Royal Signatures highlights the greatest current and retired players the NFL has to offer!

    - Royal Signatures - max #'d/99
    - Royal Signatures Gold - max #'d/25
    - Royal Signatures Holo Silver - max #'d/10
    - Royal Signatures Holo Gold - max #'d/5
    - Royal Signatures Platinum - one-of-one

    MAJESTIC ROOKIE SIGNATURES: Part of the base set, Majestic Rookie Signatures will be highly collectible!

    - Majestic Rookie Signatures - max #'d/199
    - Majestic Rookie Signatures Gold - max #'d/99
    - Majestic Rookie Signatures Holo Silver - #'d/25
    - Majestic Rookie Signatures Holo Gold- #'d/10
    - Majestic Rookie Signatures Platinum - one-of-one

    HIGHLY REVERED: New to Majestic, Highly Revered features a top checklist on holo board card stock

    - Highly Revered - max #'d/10
    - Highly Revered Gold - #'d/2
    - Highly Revered Platinum - one-of-one

    RING BEARERS DUAL SIGNATURES: The greatest players on some of the best teams in NFL history are highlighted in Ring Bearers Dual Signatures!

    - Ring Bearers Dual Signatures - #'d/5
    - Ring Bearers Dual Signatures Gold - #'d/3
    - Ring Bearers Dual Signatures Platinum - one-of-one

    MYSTIC MARKS GOLD: With full color photography against a black background, Mystic Marks really stand out.

    - Mystic Marks - max #'d/10
    - Mystic Marks Gold - max #'d/5
    - Mystic Marks Platinum - one-of-one

    MAJESTIC ROOKIE MATERIALS: Look for this oversized memorabilia card of the 2019 NFL rookies.

    - Majestic Rookie Materials - max #'d/49
    - Majestic Rookie Materials Gold - max #'d/25
    - Majestic Rookie Materials Platinum - one-of-one

    2 Packs Per Box, 4 Cards Per Pack

    • Manufacturer: Panini
    • Product: Majestic
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 613297940067
    • Release Date: July 31st, 2019

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