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2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby Box
  • 2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby Box
  • 2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby Box

2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby Box

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  • 2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Hobby Box

    Each Box contains Three Premium Hits!

    Leaf is proud to bring to the Hobby an exciting addition to our industry leading Multi Sport Product Portfolio with 2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports! Look for an exciting mix of legends and superstars across all sports!


    BIG SCREEN SIGNATURES: An autographed set featuring stars of well-known sports movies utilizing amazing artwork! Featuring sports movie stars such as Burt Reynolds, Tatum O'Neal and Charlie Sheen!

    THE CORE 4: A 4 player memorabilia set featuring legends and superstars that would be a dream team core! Featuring a fearsome foursome such as Ruth/Mantle/Berra/Munson and Kobe/Kareem/Magic/Shaq!

    THE EXCEPTIONAL ONES: Single player jumbo patch card featuring amazing one of only one crazy patches, logos and tags!! Look for The Exceptional Ones from Thurman Munson, Barry Bonds, Kobe Bryant and Dan Marino!

    THE ULTIMATE CARD: A single player 8 piece memorabilia card featuring anything from jerseys, patches, pants, skates, bats, pads, gloves and more!! Look for memorabilia cards from legends such as: Tom Brady, Mike Tyson, Pele and Ken Griffey Jr.!

    An 8 player memorabilia card featuring stars and legends that helped build historic franchises! Featuring Franchise Favorites such as Mantle/Ruth/Berra/Munson/Jeter/Mattingly/Terry/O'Neill and Emmitt/Aikman/Irvin/Jones/Lilly/Hayes/Dorsett/Pearson

    THE ULTIMATE RELICS 3: A three player triple memorabilia set featuring patch, jersey and other amazing memorabilia! such as: Mantle/Snider/Mathews, Ali/Tyson/Holmes and Pele/Ronaldinho/Neymar Jr.

    ULTIMATE #1 PICKS: An impressive quad memorabilia card featuring former #1 overall picks from different sports! Such as Manning/Chipper/LeBron/McDavid and Elway/Magic/Arod/Lemieux

    Signature sets featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport! Such as DUALS: Tyson/Douglas and Hogan/Austin, TRIPLES: Ichiro/Matsui/Ohtani and Cristiano Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/Ronaldo, QUAD: McGregor/Liddell/Couture/St-Pierre and Ryan/Seaver/Perry/Palmer, SIX: Elway/Aikman/Favre/Staubach/Bradshaw/Griese and EIGHT: Messi/Pele/Ronaldo/Cristiano Ronaldo/Dembele/Suarez/Ronaldinho/Coutinho.

    ULTIMATE SIGNATURES: Signature set featuring heroes and legends from all walks of sport! Such as Stephen Curry, Lionel Messi, Conor McGregor and Brett Favre!

    ULTIMATE PATCH 4: A 4 player 4 patch memorabilia card featuring pillars of sport such as Brady/Montana/Marino/Elway and Bonds/Griffey Jr./Piazza/Jones.

    ULTIMATE AUTO MEMORABILIA: A single player autographed memorabilia card featuring sports standouts such as Ichiro, Mike Tyson and Ronaldinho!

    ULTIMATE PIONEERS: Sports legends that helped pave the way for future stars such as Arthur Ashe, Babe Ruth, Jack Nicklaus and Pele.

    ULTIMATE PIONEERS 4: 4 history making legends that paved the way for the future of sport such as Ruth/Ali/Howe/Chamberlain and Ashe/O'Ree/Mays/Brown.

    ULTIMATE CAREER PATCH: A single player dual patch card featuring stars that took a multi team career path Such as Charles Barkley, Barry Bonds, Shaquille O'Neal and Vladimir Guerrero.

    ULTIMATE DOMIN8TORS: An 8 player memorabilia card featuring legends and heroes from all sports such as: Mantle/Pele/Brown/Ali/Nicklaus/Ashe/Howe/Musial and Williams/Elway/Erving/Hull/Holmes/Beckham/Duncan/Smith

    ULTIMATE FAT BAT: A jumbo-sized game used bat piece! Featuring baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols and Johnny Bench!

    ULTIMATE RECORDS: A 4 player memorabilia set featuring those that have made their marks in the record books! such as Ichiro/Selanne/Chamberlain/Sayers and Pele/Nicklaus/Berra/Brady.

    Signature set featuring Champions from all walks of sport! Such as Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roger Staubach and Stephen Curry.

    Multi player memorabilia cards featuring HOF Legends, superstars and sports heroes such as Mize/Williams/Snider/Mathews, Munson/Berra/Fisk/Piazza/Bench/Rodriguez and Messi/Ronaldinho/Cris/Pele/Neymar Jr./Kaka/Alberto Torres/Dembele

    THE IMMORTAL 4: Quad signature set featuring legends from one or from different sports that have shined in battle such as: Ripken Jr//Elway/Magic/Tyson and Messi/Mayweather/Curry/Ichiro.

    Product Highlights

    • Three Premium Hits Per Box!
    • Manufacturer: Leaf
    • Product: Ultimate
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 819110012847
    • Release Date: June 21st, 2019

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