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2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Hobby Box
  • 2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Hobby Box
  • 2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Hobby Box

2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Hobby Box

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  • 2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Hobby Box

    Each Box contains Five Premium Memorabilia Cards!

    Leaf Is Proud To Bring To The Hobby An Exciting New Addition To Our Industry Leading Multi-Sport Product Portfolio With 2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports!


    3000 HIT CLUB: A 6 player memorabilia card featuring the rare legends that achieved hitting greatness as members of the 3000 hits club such as: Rose/Yastrzemski/Musial/Mays/Ripken Jr./Murray

    500 HOMERUN CLUB: Chicks dig the long ball! A 6 player memorabilia set featuring legends that have tortured pitchers with prodigious power such as: Mantle/Mathews/Williams/Robinson/Banks/McCovey

    ALL-TIME ENSHRINED: Dual player memorabilia card featuring 2 legends from different sports Enshrined in their sports Hall of Fame in the same year such as: Mickey Mantle/Jack Nicklaus & Julius Erving/Reggie Jackson!

    AWARD SEASONS: A 4 player memorabilia card featuring superstars that have all won one of sports top awards such as: Mays/Robinson/McCovey/Rose NL ROY winners or Carew/Piniella/Munson/Fisk AL ROY winners.

    CITY OF CHAMPIONS: A 6 player memorabilia card featuring stars that shared a city and a championship such as: Dr.J/ Schmidt/Clarke/Rose/Chamberlain/Parent & Mantle/Namath/Messier/Frazier/Taylor/Bossy

    CLASSIC RIVALS: A 4 player memorabilia card featuring some of sports classic post season rivalries such as: Jackson/Munson/Yastrzemski/Fisk & Johnson/Abdul-Jabbar/Bird/Mchale

    DRAFT CLASS HISTORY: 3 player memorabilia card highlighting some of sports greatest draft classes such as: Elway/Kelly/Marino,Jordan/Olajuwon Barkley and Brett/Schmidt/Rice

    ENSHRINED: A single player memorabilia insert set featuring those that have been enshrined in the Hall of Fame within their respective sports such as: Joe Montana, Ted Williams and Muhammad Ali.

    THE CHOSEN FEW: A hugely popular program now available in our multi sport brand! You choose the card you want from an amazing list of 1/1 memorabilia cards such as: David Beckham, Michal Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Larry Bird, Joe Montana and Mickey Mantle!

    LEGENDARY KICKS: A game-used shoe insert featuring superior sneakers from legends such as: Kevin Garnett, Scottie Pippen & David Robinson

    MVP 8s: Only MVPs allowed in this 8 player memorabilia set such as: Bench/Brett/Ripken Jr./Sandberg/Yount/Jackson/Dawson/Thomas

    FANTASTIC FABRICS: A single player 8 piece memorabilia card set featuring patch, tag, jersey and more! Featuring players like Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Moss, Ichiro and Shaquille O'Neal.

    THE NICKNAME HALL OF FAME: A single player memorabilia card highlighting some of the most colorful nicknames in sports history such as: "Iron" Mike Tyson, "The Splendid Splinter" Ted Williams and "The Round Mound of Rebound" Charles Barkley

    REFLECTIONS: Dual player memorabilia card featuring stars that share rare talents such as: Babe Ruth/Shohei Ohtani, Joe Montana/Tom Brady & Wilt Chamberlain/ Shaquille O'Neal

    IN THE GAME USED SINGLE, DUAL & TRIPLE SIGNATURES: Amazing single and multi-player combinations are included in this auto memorabilia set such as: Shohei Ohtani, Griffey Jr./Thomas and Seaver/Ryan/Maddux

    JUMBO PATCH: A single player amazing mammoth patch set featuring heroes such as: Ichiro, Patrick Ewing and Joe Montana

    FANTASY TEAM 8s: An 8 player memorabilia card featuring an amazing group of legends that would have made a historical team such as: Brady/Sanders/Sayers/Moss/Harrison/Montana/Brown/Irvin

    SUPER PATCH SIGNATURES: Jumbo patch signature cards featuring all world talent such as: Shohei Ohtani, Pete Rose and Roberto Alomar!

    TEAM 8s: An 8 player card representing historical franchises and some of the greatest players in their history such as: Mantle/Berra/Munson/Jeter/Jackson/Terry/Pettitte/O'Neill & Magic/Abdul-Jabbar/Worthy/Riley/Bryant/O'Neal/Horry/Divac

    Product Highlights

    • Five Premium Memorabilia Cards Per Box!
    • Manufacturer: Leaf
    • Product: Game Used
    • Series:
    • UPC/Barcode: 819110012434
    • Release Date: August 1st, 2018

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