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2005/06 In The Game Between the Pipes Hockey Super Box Set

2005/06 In The Game Between the Pipes Hockey Super Box Set

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  • 2005/06 In The Game Between the Pipes Hockey Super Box Set

    Between The Pipes Super Box - a 25 card boxed set that gives collectors a close look at some of the finest goaltenders in hockey history. In addition to offering a base set, we will continue with the tradition of giving our collectors maximum value since each Between The Pipes Super Box will contain two special insert cards. The insert cards will include one memorabilia card plus either a second memorabilia card or an autograph card.

    Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Glenn Hall, Bernie Parent and many more netminding superstars are a part of this exciting product. Many of the greats will be featured on beautiful memorabilia cards and will sign what will certainly be sought-after autograph cards from some of the greatest players to strap on a pair of pads.

    Base Set:

    Game-Used Jerseys
    GUJ-01 Roy, Patrick
    GUJ-02 Roy, Patrick
    GUJ-03 Brodeur, Martin
    GUJ-04 Esposito, Tony
    GUJ-05 Tretiak, Vladislav
    GUJ-06 Hall, Glenn
    GUJ-07 Richter, Mike
    GUJ-08 Theodore, Jose
    GUJ-09 Smith, Billy
    GUJ-10 Fuhr, Grant
    GUJ-11 Ranford, Bill
    GUJ-12 Brodeur, Richard

    Double Memorabilia
    DM-01 Roy, Patrick
    DM-02 Roy, Patrick
    DM-03 Brodeur, Martin
    DM-04 Hextall, Ron
    DM-05 Esposito, Tony
    DM-06 Cheevers, Gerry
    DM-07 Tretiak, Vladislav
    DM-08 Theodore, Jose

    Stick and Jersey
    SJ-01 Roy, Patrick
    SJ-02 Roy, Patrick
    SJ-03 Brodeur, Martin
    SJ-04 Giacomin, Ed
    SJ-05 Bower, Johnny
    SJ-06 Esposito, Tony
    SJ-07 Richter, Mike
    SJ-08 Hextall, Ron
    SJ-09 Theodore, Jose
    SJ-10 Fuhr, Grant

    Game-Used Glove
    GUG-01 Esposito, Tony
    GUG-02 Roy, Patrick
    GUG-03 Gilbert, Gilles
    GUG-04 Tretiak, Vladislav
    GUG-05 Theodore, Jose
    GUG-06 Vachon, Rogie
    GUG-07 Hodge, Charlie
    GUG-08 Fuhr, Grant

    Game-Used Pad
    GUP-01 Parent, Bernie
    GUP-02 Fuhr, Grant
    GUP-03 Cheevers, Gerry
    GUP-04 Hextall, Ron
    GUP-05 Brodeur, Martin
    GUP-06 Roy, Patrick
    GUP-07 Plante, Jacques
    GUP-08 Theodore, Jose

    Complete Package
    CP-01 Fuhr, Grant
    CP-02 Roy, Patrick
    CP-03 Plante, Jacques
    CP-04 Cheevers, Gerry
    CP-05 Sawchuk, Terry
    CP-06 Parent, Bernie
    CP-07 Theodore, Jose

    Signed Memorabilia
    SM-01 Roy, Patrick
    SM-02 Roy, Patrick
    SM-03 Brodeur, Martin
    SM-04 Hall, Glenn
    SM-05 Bower, Johnny
    SM-06 Cheevers, Gerry
    SM-07 Giacomin, Ed
    SM-08 Theodore, Jose
    SM-09 Fuhr, Grant
    SM-10 Parent, Bernie

    A-GR Fuhr, Grant
    A-BP Parent, Bernie
    A-MB Brodeur, Martin
    A-PR Roy, Patrick
    A-JB Bower, Johnny
    A-EG Giacomin, Ed
    A-GH Hall, Glenn
    A-RH Hextall, Ron
    A-RB Brodeur, Richard
    A-RV Vachon, Rogie
    A-VT Tretiak, Vladislav
    A-BS Smith, Billy
    A-GC Cheevers, Gerry
    A-TO Esposito, Tony
    A-BR Ranford, Bill
    A-MP Palmateer, Mike
    A-GW Worsley, Gump
    A-JT Theodore, Jose
    A-CH Hodge, Charlie
    A-CR Resch, Chico

    • Manufacturer: In The Game
    • Product: Between the Pipes
    • Series:
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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