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2000 Topps Series 2 Baseball Jumbo Box (Reed Buy)
  • 2000 Topps Series 2 Baseball Jumbo Box (Reed Buy)

2000 Topps Series 2 Baseball Jumbo Box (Reed Buy)

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  • 2000 Topps Series 2 Baseball Jumbo Box (Reed Buy)

    What is a “Reed Buy”?

    Reed Kasaoka is the head buyer of the Sports Division at Dave & Adam's. His primary responsibility is traveling all over the country, buying private collections out of people’s closets, bedrooms, attics, basements, garages, and storage units, as well as complete inventories of show dealers, shop owners, autograph dealers, and distributors. Reed comes up with some amazing finds – rarely seen unopened boxes, quality graded cards, certified autographed memorabilia, and much more.

    We have tagged all of his acquisitions as a Reed Buy so you’ll know where to look first for all of his deals. Almost every item is “one-of-a-kind” – so when you see something interesting, don’t hesitate, because there are likely many other collectors who are thinking the exact same thing!

    Look for randomly inserted Hank Aaron Reprints plus Chrome and Refractors, All-Star Autographs, Topps Combos, American League All-Topps Team and Autographed Stadium Relics!!!
    12 Packs, 40 cards per pack

    Base Set:
    475A K.Griffey Jr. MM 350th HR
    475B K.Griffey Jr. MM 1997 MVP
    475C K.Griffey Jr. MM HR Dad
    475D K.Griffey Jr. MM 1992 AS MVP
    475E K.Griffey Jr. MM 50 HR 1997
    476A B.Bonds MM 400HR/400SB
    476B B.Bonds MM 40HR/40SB
    476C B.Bonds MM 1993 MVP
    476D B.Bonds MM 1990 MVP
    476E B.Bonds MM 1992 MVP
    477A S.Sosa MM 20 HR June
    477B S.Sosa MM 66 HR 1998
    477C S.Sosa MM 60 HR 1999
    477D S.Sosa MM 1998 MVP
    477E S.Sosa MM HR's 61/62
    478A D.Jeter MM 1996 ROY
    478B D.Jeter MM Wins 1999 WS
    478C D.Jeter MM Wins 1998 WS
    478D D.Jeter MM Wins 1996 WS
    478E D.Jeter MM 17 GM Hit Streak
    479A A.Rodriguez MM 40HR/40SB
    479B A.Rodriguez MM 100th HR
    479C A.Rodriguez MM 1996 POY
    479D A.Rodriguez MM Wins 1 Million
    479E A.Rodriguez MM 1996 Batting Leader

    Topps 20th Century Best Sequential 1:100 - numbered between 117 and 3316
    Hank Aaron reprints 1:5 (Even # years - 54-76)
    Hank Aaron reprints Chrome 1:16 (Even # years - 54-76)
    Hank Aaron reprints Chrome Refractor 1:76 (Even # years - 54-76)
    All-Star Rookie Team 1:8
    All-Topps American League 1:3
    Combos 1:5
    Own The Game 1:3
    Stadium Autograph Relics 1:135

    Autographs Group A 1:1607 (Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr.)
    Autographs Group B 1:643 (Ivan Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Vladimir Guerrero)
    Autographs Group C 1:321 (Raul Mondesi, Scott Rolen, Billy Wagner, Fernando Tatis)
    Autographs Group D 1:193 (Ruben Mateo, Carlos Febles, Mike Sweeney, Alex Gonzalez, Miguel Tejada)
    Autographs Group E 1:482 (Josh Hamilton)

    NOTE: Hank Aaron Autograph redemptions and the MVP Promotion program have expired

    • Manufacturer: Topps
    • Product: Base Set
    • Series: Series 2
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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