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World of Warcraft WoW The Hunt for Illidan Booster Box

World of Warcraft WoW The Hunt for Illidan Booster Box

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  • World of Warcraft WoW The Hunt for Illidan Booster Box

    24 packs per box, 19 cards per pack

    New kinds of heroes, each with their own rule-breaking, ground-breaking deckbuilding rules!

    Are you truly loyal to the cause?
    There are powerful allies who will only aid heroes who have declared their intention to destroy the Legion!
    Including Maiev Shadowsong, Akama and the Spirit of Malfurion Stormrage!

    Bigger IS better!
    This set contains some HUGE allies with double digit ATK and health values.
    Doomwalker, an even bigger Fel Reaver!
    Xi'ri, the Naaru commander in Outland!
    Azaloth, the largest ally we have ever made!

    Resistances - Damage type still matters!
    These allies will be difficult to destroy with specific damage types!

    - Loot Cards Increased Insert Rate - This set continues with the same increased loot insertion rate that we've used in March of the Legion and Servants of the Betrayer.

    - A new Super Common loot - This set will contain a new super common loot card that some customers will find multiple times per box!
    The effect of the in-game loot item will go away after a certain number of uses

    - 252 card set

    Path of Illidan - This is a "common" loot item.
    Most of the time, it will appear approximately twice per booster box.
    This card will grant you an item with some number of charges for a ground-changing effect.
    This effect will create a green scorched and cracked earth effect when your character walks or runs.
    Your enemies will fear you!

    Disco in a Box - This is the middle tier loot item.
    Clicking on this item makes music for everyone in your party/raid to listen to!Visually, this could be represented by a "jack in the box" looking item with a disco ball instead of a head.
    It's a party every time you use it! This will definitely attract the most attention of any middle-tiered loot item to date!

    The Ethereal Soul Trader will follow your character around as you quest and down mobs in the search for loot, glory, and experience. Each time you down a mob, the Soul Trader will harvest the downed foe's soul in a flash of electricity, selling it off to be used in far reaches of the Twisting Nether. Of course, the player will get a cut of the action. Each experience-granting mob downed while the ethereal is active will give the player an amount of ethereal currency from the joint business venture, which can then be spent with the Soul Trader for fun cosmetic items and upgrades! THIS MAY BE THE MOST DESIRABLE LOOT CARD TO DATE!!!!

    • Manufacturer: Upper Deck
    • Product: World of Warcraft
    • Series: The Hunt for Illidan
    • UPC/Barcode: 053334587464
    • Release Date: July 1st, 2008

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