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Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)
  • Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)
  • Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)
  • Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)
  • Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)
  • Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)

Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)

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  • Pokemon EX Sandstorm Booster Box (EX-MT Box)

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    36 Packs per Box, 9 Cards per Pack

    Each Pack Contains:
    - 1 Foil Card
    - 1 Rare Card
    - 5 Common Cards
    - 2 Uncommon Cards

    If you are looking for a new set of Pokemon abilities and strategies to master Pokemon-e TCG, EX Sandstorm has a lot to offer. EX Sandstorm is full of new tools to use and weapons to employ in your Pokemon battles.

    Decks that use a combination of Pokemon types receive a big bonus in EX Sandstorm in the form of the Multi-Energy card. With 4 Rainbow and 4 Multi-Energy cards in your deck, you should never be short the right kind of energy, even for attacks that need several energy to work.

    Evee - I choose you! Yes, that's right, Evee has returned. With an unmatched number of possible Evolutions, and a built in Evolution fetching attack, Evee is sure to make your opponent consider their position very carefully. Playing with several Evee-lutions in your deck will give you lots of flexibility to manipulate and exploit the Weaknesses in your opponent's Pokemon.

    Speaking of flexibility, EX Sandstorm introduces a a number of ways to broaden your options mid-game. Many Pokemon have attacks that will let you search your deck for copies of themselves, or other Pokemon, or evolution cards, allowing you to avoid a quick loss because your last Pokemon was Knocked Out; or to get key Pokemon into play quickly and efficiently. You may want to include single copies of several different versions of the same Pokemon, then use the 'call for friends' style of attacks to find the version whose attacks best suit your current needs. Also useful are the Trainers that have similar effects, like Lannette's Net Search and the long awaited Rare Candy.

    Choices, choices, choices. Pokemon-e TCG: EX Sandstorm is all about making choices in deck construction and gameplay. Don't be daunted by them, though: the only way to master your strategy is to dive right into the Sandstorm.

    • Manufacturer: Pokemon USA
    • Product: Pokemon
    • Series: EX Sandstorm
    • UPC/Barcode: 145496840065
    • Release Date: September 23rd, 2003

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