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Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Single Empoleon lv. X DP11 Promo

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Single Empoleon lv. X DP11 Promo

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  • Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Single Empoleon lv. X DP11 Promo

    Empoleon Lv.X (#11, Diamond and Pearl Promos (Unlimited Only))
    Stage: Level Up HP: 140 Type: Water Weakness: L+30 Resistance: None
    Power: Supreme Command - Once during your turn (before your attack), you may choose up to 2 cards from your opponent's hand without looking and put them face down next to the Defending Pokemon. (These cards are not in play or in your opponent's hand.) At the end of your opponent's next turn, return those cards to your opponent's hand. This power can't be used if Empoleon is affected by a Special Condition. (Poke-POWER)
    Attack: [WWW] Hydro Impact - Choose 1 of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 80 damage to that Pokemon. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.) Empoleon can't attack during your next turn.
    Retreat Cost: 2 Rarity: Promo
    Artist: Shizurow
    Pokemon Number: 395.9
    Species: Empoleon
    Subspecies: Empoleon Lv.X
    Flavor: Emperor

    • Manufacturer: Pokemon USA
    • Product: Pokemon
    • Series: Diamond & Pearl
    • Release Date: Not Announced

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